Today, the concepts of “Item Attendant ICT” and “the Internet of Things” are beginning to become reality. Items are becoming networked and able to communicate information about and from themselves to other objects and to other computer systems. Some companies have seen the potential benefits and have started developing collaborative systems to improve operational efficiencies but no significant standards have emerged and interoperability thus far has not been a key consideration. When mergers or de-mergers occur, these systems cannot easily be extended or discontinued.

Contribution to standards was a major objective of the EU PROMISE Project and a number of former project partners are determined to further the development and acceptance of the initial architecture and interfaces developed during the project in collaboration with other interested organizations.

The key objective of this group is to build on the PROMISE Project achievements by further establishing and promoting relevant standardization activities. To accomplish this objective, we are forming a consortium under the auspices of The Open Group, an international vendor-neutral and technology-neutral consortium, to bring vendors and consumers together to continue the collaboration of the previous project and build on the prior achievements in the creation and promotion of open standards. We are currently seeking interested parties to work with us in the pre-launch phase of this consortium.

If you are interested in learning more about participating in the QLM Consortium please contact us.