Extended Product

The Extended Product is a complex result of tangible and intangible components. The extension is usually related to the functionality or a new business process around the product. According to Jansson [Jansson 2003] and Hirsch [Hirsch 2001] tangible extended product can be intelligent, highly customized, and user-friendly; an intangible product is mostly the business process itself. The extended product includes the following elements:

  • technology enablers and solutions resulting from developments such as e-commerce, e-business or more general multi-mode business
  • a combination of a physical product and associated services/enhancements that improve marketability
  • intelligent, highly customized, user-friendly tangible products including embedded features like maintenance
  • intangible extended products, which are information and knowledge intensive and can consist of services, engineering, software, etc
  • customer focus on a value-added service and not anymore the physical product.