The PROMISE Core PEID is an identification, data collection and storage system that is, at least partially, attached to a product to provide lifecycle monitoring and management. Note that the Core PEID does not provide information to the backend directly. Data is communicated to the backend application via the PROMISE Core PAC that may contain one or more Core PEIDs.
In order to make the concept of the Core PEID clearer, let us consider some PEID examples that represent Core PEID functionality:
  1. a stress sensor that monitors a bearing in a drilling machine may be a Core PEID since it can measure and convey data about the current status of the machine. That data can then be used to predict required maintenance tasks.
  2. an RFID reader which can read the passive RFID tag attached to the drilling machine’s chassis may be a Core PEID since from the RFID tag’s content we can identify the machine’s serial number.
Using the data from the stress sensor together with the serial number of the drilling machine, a decision can be made when to replace the bearing and also identify the correct part.
The data may be retrieved from a wide variety of products, ranging from small electronic articles to large, complex items like cars, locomotives etc. Owing to the environmental conditions in which different products operate, as well as variations in product lifecycle, cost and industry specific management requirements, it is not anticipated that a single overall Core PEID design will suit all specific requirements.

See PROMISE PEID Grouping for the list of PEID groups and their capabilities.