Closed Loop Lifecycle Management (CL2M)

Closed Loop Lifecycle Management (CL2M) is a natural development and extension of PLM (Product Lifecycle Management).

The concept of CL2M was first adopted during the EU funded PROMISE project . The PROMISE consortium consisted of 22 organisations that set out to close the gaps in information flow between the various stages of life of any product, i.e. BOL - Beginning of Life MOL - Middle of Life EOL - End of Life.

It involves collecting identification and sensor data, plus any other kind of useful ‘lifecycle event’ data. This is then filtered and aggregated into meaningful information. The information may then be converted into knowledge by applying decision support or other analysis routines. Ultimately the resulting knowledge may be fed back into the various processes which make up the total life of the product or service.

It was recognised that the application of PROMISE concepts and technologies was not limited to Product Lifecycle Management but could be widely applied across a range of business sectors and applications - "Closing the information loops across all phases of all kinds of lifecycles". As such it has the potential to be the common bridge for relevant information to be exchanged between different but connected lifecycles.

The end result of the PROMISE project was the basis of a technology independent and vendor neutral architecture PROMISE Architecture that will lend itself not only to products but also services such as healthcare, logistics, tracking and tracing the pedigree of goods such as foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals.

A standardisation effort is being initiated in cooperation with The Open Group. Currently organisations interested in joining this effort should make contact using the preceding link.