PROMISE Data Services

PROMISE Data Services is the name given to the middleware component of the PROMISE architecture that connects together the different systems in a PROMISE infrastructure, and provides the means for communicating and gathering lifecycle data.

This involves identifying where a target connects to the network (for example a device or PEID), identifying where to find metadata about targets and identifying the roles and capabilities of the nodes in the Data Service network.
PROMISE Data Services integrates PEIDs with applications such as PDKM systems and other backend systems and integrates different PROMISE systems with each other permitting data exchange related to the different life cycle phases, BOL, MOL and EOL.
PROMISE Data Services handles tasks such as:
  • Location of correct data sources; for example, where will a PEID connect next time or in which PDKM system is the data stored?
  • Buffering and aggregating requests; for example, one request from the PDKM may be split into several requests destined for several different nodes, and then aggregated back into a single response.
  • Device management
  • Integrating proprietary Device Controllers (DC) and PEID communication methods
  • Locating metadata
  • Event communication; such as PLM events, alarm events, etc.

The complexities of a PROMISE Data Services implementation are hidden from connected systems using a common data services interface, the PROMISE Messaging Interface or PMI.