PROMISE Messaging Interface

The PROMISE architecture identifies the PROMISE Messaging Interface (PMI) as the solution to the requirement for a generalized interface. Thus, the PROMISE Messaging Interface (PMI) is the common communication interface between the different components in the PROMISE architecture. These components include PDKM systems, external Device Controllers (DC), type 4 PEIDs, DSS systems and other PMI-enabled backend systems as shown in this figure.

PROMISE Components and Interfaces

Although not shown in the figure, the PROMISE architecture also identifies the PMI as the interface for data exchange between separate PROMISE Data Services instances or implementations, where one or more data services nodes are interconnected.

The PROMISE Messaging Interface (PMI) defines the interface between any two components that implement its specification. It is:

  • The definitive interface between a PROMISE PDKM/DSS and any implementation.
It may also be:
  • The interface used by any other PMI-enabled system such as an ERP system, warehouse management system or any other existing or new application-specific system.

  • The interface between any PROMISE Data Services implementation and a distributed Device Controller implementation.

  • The direct, point-to-point interface between two PMI-enabled components that are able to communicate directly without the need for any intermediate PROMISE Data Services. This may also include direct PEID to PEID communication if appropriate.

The interface is described in detail in Volume 3 of the PROMISE Architecture Series "Architecture Reference: PROMISE Messaging Interface (PMI)"