Technology agnostic and vendor independent

     Technologies of CL2M

Although CL2M cannot function without the use of technology, it is not technology specific. It is based on a combination of the following broad groups.

  • Identification
  • Sensors
  • Communication
  • Data processing

The purpose of this site is explained in the about section. It is not intended to replicate knowledge that exsits elsewhere but to provide a single place of entry. From here you will be able to have an overview and reach all related technologies and activities.

It IS however intended to provide insight into how these different fields of expertise can interrelate and enable data flow across the organisational silos that exist in the enterprise and society in general.

Interoperability through standards and architecture:

Great strides have already been made by certain enterprises in various sectors in industry, however most systems are proprietary and do not scale well or will not stand up to the constant change brought on by aquisitions, mergers and demergers.

The PROMISE project succeeded in defing an architecture and interfaces which meet these challenges. aims to facilitate the adoption. In this respect, working with existing standards bodies is essential as is the pursuit of further developing the PROMISE standards.

Currently preparations are afoot in collaboration with The Open Group to constitute a consortium which will further this work.



Decision Support Systems


Research and Development