printLogic 5.8 Features Now Available

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May 10, 2011 – Coastal Logic, the leading provider of batch printing integrations for ENOVIA, today announced the immediate availability of their latest batch processing product, printLogic 5.8.
This integration helps companies attain regulatory compliance by providing administrators with strict control over metadata stamping, batch processing, and batch printing. As well, printLogic boasts a roomier, streamlined interface with a simple point-and-click admin utility for setting parameters, and is compatible with ENOVIA and all major versions of ENOVIA in production today including V6. 
printLogic, Coastal Logic’s server-based web integration, allows users to batch print over 450 files directly from their ENOVIA databases, without using the native application to first open or view them. Printed files can be automatically stamped with metadata based on multiple stamp templates created by the ENOVIA Administrator. Using Coastal Logic’s simple point-and-click interface, administrators control all printing, permission, and metadata stamping. 
Some of the new features in this release include:
  • Enable/disable the printLogic button in the Matrix interface based on whether printLogic is installed at the users's site.
  • Select both 'to' and 'from' recurse directions in Schema Traversal
  • Send zipped filed to user email addresses instead of putting it on a network share 
printLogic 5.8 Additional Features include: 
  • Submit Issue function - makes it easy to gather and submit necessary files for tech support
  • Automatic installation of JPO code
  • FCS servlet checkout options
  • AutoSize - automatically determines the best paper size from the selected printer
  • CSV Print Method - allows users to upload comma-separated files with lists of objects to print
  • Zip files instead of printing them - batch files are checked out and bundled into a zip archive. Users are emailed a hyperlink to retrieve the zip file from a network folder
  • Role/Group permissions - based on Type, Format or State
  • Enhanced List Reordering - enables the user to reorder the Object and File Lists 

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