PLM as you knew it is about to change - STANDARDS

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PLM as you knew it is about to change and reach new dimensions. Gone are the days where series of products were identified only through serial numbers stamped or printed on the chassis at the end of the production line.

It has become possible not only to uniquely identify individual components and assemblies and keep track of them during their entire lifecycle but also to keep track of the internal and external circumstances that exist at any one time. This ‘lifecycle event data’ can consist of sensor data such as temperatures or pressure variations, but also identify machine operators or a change in location. Data can come from a product’s environment or from within itself.

The concepts of “Item Attendant ICT” and “the Internet of Things” are a reality, allowing items to be networked and able to communicate information about themselves to other items and computer systems on a global and commercial scale.

Open architecture extensions and standards will be required in order to provide a secure and flexible infrastructure for their information exchange.

“The Internet of Things” will affect your business.

To learn how, don’t miss The Open Group’s proposal for addressing the architecture and standards issues involved at the event PROMISE at The Open Group London Conference 29th April 2009.

Learn more about joining the managed consortium to influence and develop these new standards by going to The Open Group