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John Stark Associates                                                                                                                                               March 28, 2011 - Vol13 #26

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September PLM Event Planning
by John Stark
Our planning for the The Geneva International Product Lifecycle Management Conference and Exhibition is continuing.

One of the challenges of this event, which will be held at the CERN site in September 2011, is to avoid disturbing the everyday activities of the thousands of people working on the site. Another challenge, since the event is being held in an industrial environment, not a Conference Centre, has been to find enough space for the Conference plenary and parallel sessions, and the Exhibition.

So much for the challenges. What about the opportunities?

As the subject of the Conference on September 6-7 is the implementation of PLM in industry, it's a great opportunity to hold it in an industrial environment. To enable leading-edge research, CERN has to develop and manage millions of items of many types – such as electronic, electrical, software, mechanical, chemical and infrastructure. And this in an environment familiar to most industrial organisations – involvement of many design and supply partners, a need for innovation, compliance with regulations, huge amounts of data, international teamwork, time pressure, cost pressure ....

A second opportunity for the event is to show PLM in practice. On September 5, we plan PLM-oriented visits at CERN. These will enable participants to see PLM in action across the lifecycles of various products.

Another opportunity for the Conference is to have presentations from several speakers from the same organisation. In most Conferences, there's just one speaker from each company. That limits the level of detailed coverage of the product lifecycle. Among the total of thirty to forty speakers at the Conference, we plan to have four or five speakers from CERN.

The Exhibition offers yet another opportunity. As well as highlighting new technology, and showing what they've implemented in other organisations, exhibitors will be encouraged to show what they've implemented, or could implement, at CERN.

The event is planned to help participants learn about PLM, exchange experience, and find out how to apply PLM best in their organisations. It will address PLM experience, best practice and evolution across a wide range of products and industries, and across the product lifecycle.

By the way, how about your planning? Have you planned to be at the The Geneva International PLM Conference and Exhibition on September 5-7, 2011?


If you're interested in participating, please contact John Stark.

Standards and Synergy
by Roger Tempest
As hosts and locations are proposed for the global programme of PLM standards workshops, a natural synergy is starting to appear. The first two events, in the Nordic region and Germany, are strongly user-oriented. They will focus on formalising the best-practice methods that leading companies have developed internally within their own implementations, with the objective of generating new standards that can be applied throughout the extended customer and supply chains.

With two workshops so close together, they will act as a kind of joint entity. The results of the first will form part of the working material of the second, and the results of both will be combined. This is the first synergy, and it will produce a platform of user-based methodologies that will be carried through the rest of the series.

The third location, in the UK, will draw in one of the world's most powerful drivers of PLM standardisation - the Aerospace and Defence industry. There is a continuing debate between procurers, providers and software vendors about how PLM can be applied across the complex and changing landscape of defence contract alliances in a way that will be open and accurate for decades to come. The UK workshop will provide a platform to help resolve this, and will also attract British companies from other industries to their home event.

By now the programme will have embraced the problems of how new PLM standards should relate to existing, more mature standards such as PLCS and S1000D. These issues are just as important in the USA, and a co-hosted event with a US standards organisation will provide the "bridge" across the Atlantic. The American workshop will leverage the UK results, and extend the new standards scenario in a way that can be taken onwards into further US events.

To add to the synergy of the core programme, other features will be added to the mix. The German workshop will include the subject of how the academic community can advance PLM, in support of the PLM scenario of ten years into the future. There will be separate workshops on PLM-ERP and PLM Maturity to formalise the knowledge of these important areas.

Participants at any event get all of the other results from the series, giving them a global picture and, by the end of the year, a completely new toolkit of working standards that address the current problem areas of PLM. The events are completely open, so you can go to any one in the series, whether you are a user, vendor, service provider or academic. To get more information, or to find out how to take part, contact

Roger Tempest is co-founder of the PLMIG. Membership of the PLMIG is available via

by Scott Cleveland
A product's life begins with an idea and it moves through design, manufacture, customer support and stops with an end of life declaration. This is the most complex [expensive] process that exists in any manufacturing company. The entire process may not be well defined, but Engineering's piece, the engineering change process, will be.

For years, the engineering change process was a paper based process. Today, a large number of companies have embraced PLM software to manage that change process. And a terrific return on investment easily justifies the expenditures.

However, a product lifecycle encompasses more than just engineering.

A typical cycle could start with a customer asking a sales person for a special part or some new part. The sales person will present the request to Marketing. If Marketing thinks this is a good idea, they will talk with Engineering to determine if the new part can be engineered. I would expect 2 other signoffs - Manufacturing to agree that it is manufacturable, and Finance to confirm that they can make money on the new part.

Assuming that everyone agrees, a change request will be written. With the engineering change process well defined, the bill of materials and any supporting documentation will be made available to Manufacturing. The product gets manufactured and goes to Shipping. Finance will do the billing, and Customer Service now owns the responsibility for the product. A customer complaint may start a new change request.

Most companies are not managing their product lifecycle beyond the Engineering department.

If your company already has PLM software in place, the marginal cost of extending its use to manage more of a product's lifecycle can be easily cost justified. Just having visibility into the product lifecycle will provide huge advantages to your company.

Your Thoughts....

Does your company use PLM software to manage their product lifecycles? If so, what was your experience? Have you extended it to more than just Engineering?

Scott Cleveland can be contacted on +1 408-464-6387

Maximizing the Value of PLM/ERP Integration and Collaboration (9)
by Dick Bourke
Part 9: MES to the Systems Mix
Past columns identified manufacturing execution systems (MES) in the context of product lifecycle management (PLM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Now, let's explore MES as another major platform in the continuing quest for competitive excellence.

MES is the information technology to help manage manufacturing operations; the term manufacturing operations management (MOM) is also used to identify these applications. The depth and scope of MES/MOM applications can vary broadly, but its core is the detailed planning and execution functions for work-in-process – defining bills of resources (BoR) and data collecting and reporting, including for product genealogy and lifecycle status. Extended capabilities add visual work instructions, quality criteria and connectivity to production equipment for real time monitoring, to cite a few.

MES Arises
Why the increasing interest in MES? The consensus of opinions and surveys indicates two general reasons: 1) continuing competitive pressures driving the call for more efficient operations management, such as reducing scrap and rework, and 2) more MES software with expanded functions.

In the past, usually large companies with demanding requirements for detailed work-in-process information energized the need for comprehensive MES, e.g., in highly complex and regulated companies, for instance, aerospace/defense, automotive and medical.

ERP systems didn't provide sufficient detail to help manage these complex operations efficiently. "Do It Yourself" (DIY) extensions to ERP were the expensive solution because comprehensive MES software was not available. Now, more commercially available MES software negates the DIY approach.

The recent Logica MES Product Survey identified about sixty packages from PLM, ERP and MES software vendors, with wide ranges of industry focus, capabilities and costs. Also, acquisitions and partnerships are a sourcing factor to consider, for instance, Dassault (PLM vendor) just acquired Intercim (MES vendor).

What's more, MES software vendors Apriso, iBaset and CIMx report rising interest for this software in other sectors, such as industrial equipment, and by small/medium business (SMB) companies.

With the escalating interest in MES, however, comes "turf wars". Avoiding these potentially devastating "turf wars" calls for comprehensive implementation planning that embraces healthy doses of cultural change management.

Implementation Planning
An essential step is to gain a fresh – and objective – understanding of the current and probable future roles of each of the three inter-related systems in the total corporate vision: PLM for product innovation, MES for detailed operations planning and execution, and ERP for high-level operations management.

Additionally, all of the elements of comprehensive planning apply, particularly the prerequisite to link the MES vision to corporate goals, as stated in the MESA report, MESA Metrics that Matter Revisited. Two other significant planning considerations include:

  • Achieving product configuration integrity that mandates integrating the total product life cycle "As" statuses: Designed, Planned, Built and Maintained. Presently, neither PLM nor ERP individually can completely meet this need, just pieces. Therefore, integration with MES functions will be required for total integrity.
  • Designating the system of record (SoR), discussed in previous columns regarding PLM and manufacturing process management (MPM). In some circumstances, MES is considered for this purpose, as recognized by Julie Fraser, a noted MES industry analyst: "As-Built is a critical phase of the lifecycle, particularly for products that may require maintenance or have safety implications requiring a recall. MES is usually the system of record for this phase."

Furthermore, planning must be comprehensive; Julie Fraser confirms one of the pitfalls of improper planning: "To speed up implementations, some companies try to focus only on the plant's needs and treat integration as a second step. Because MES/MOM systems often have capabilities that ERP and PLM do also, it is important to at least decide which system will be the master of which data and have a vision. Conducting integration with implementation is the safest approach."

Final Thought
For a significant advance in the quest for competitive excellence, MES can be a major contributor – when properly unified with PLM and ERP.


Contact Dick at

Contact Julie at

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Dassault Systemes announced acquisition of Intercim LLC for an enterprise value base of $36.5 million. Details

Lawson Software, Inc. confirmed that it received an unsolicited, non-binding proposal from Infor and Golden Gate Capital to acquire all of the company's outstanding common stock at a price of $11.25 per share in cash. Details


Adobe Systems Inc. reported revenue of $1.028 billion for its first quarter ended March 4, 2011. Details

Delcam announced sales of £36.6 million in the year to 31st December, 2010. Details

ESI Group announced annual 2010/11 revenue totalled 84.2 million euros. Details

IHS Inc. reported revenue for the first quarter ended February 28, 2011 totaled $295 million. Details

Lantek announced turnover in 2010 of 10.58 million euros. Details

Oracle Corp. announced fiscal 2011 Q3 GAAP total revenues were $8.8 billion. Details

SDL plc announced its unaudited preliminary results for the year ended 31 December 2010. Revenue was £203 million. Details

Sopheon plc announced its results for the year ended 31 December 2010. Revenue was £10.5m. Details


Aras announced that John Sperling has joined the Aras team as Director of Product Management for Engineering Applications. Details

Autodesk, Inc. announced that Lorrie M. Norrington has been appointed to Autodesk's board of directors. Details

Quark announced that John Grillos has joined the company as vice president of strategic partner sales. Details

SofTech, Inc. announced the appointment of a new management team and Board of Directors led by the Company's former CEO, Joe Mullaney. Details

Sopheon announced that it appointed Don Sarno to lead its product development organization. Details


Accept Corp. announced that Anthelio selected Accept360. Details

AVEVA announced a new contract win with Hyundai Heavy Industries. Details

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. announced that CERN is deploying the Cadence analog and digital end-to-end solutions as well as the Cadence verification and Allegro PCB solutions. Details

Catalog Data Solutions announced that Schioppa Casters and Wheels selected its online CAD download solution. Details

Cimatron Limited announced that Dongfang Turbine Company purchased additional licenses of CimatronE and GibbsCAM. Details

Dassault Systemes announced that CLAAS will gradually replace its existing PDM solution with ENOVIA V6. Details


Intergraph announced a contract with Aker Solutions. Details

Intergraph announced that Kyushu Institute of Technology selected Intergraph SmartMarine software. Details

MSC Software announced that MD Adams was selected for the simulation of the NASA Mars Exploration Rover, Opportunity. Details

NGC Software announced that Lakeshore Learning Materials is implementing NGC's PLM solution for product design and development. Details

PTC announced that Chico's FAS, Inc. selected Windchill FlexPLM software. Details

VISTAGY, Inc. announced that BAE Systems Composite Structures Inc. has purchased FiberSIM software. Details


Accept Corp. announced the Accept360 Spring 2011 Release. Details

Autodesk, Inc. introduced its 2012 Manufacturing software portfolio. Details

AVEVA announced the launch of the new AVEVA Laser Modeller solution. Details

CadFaster, Inc. announced availability of CadFaster|Collaborate. Details

CIDEON announced integration of CATIA V6 in SAP PLM. Details

Contex announced a new wide format scanning solution for EDM/ECM markets. Details

Delcam announced the 2011 release of its PowerSHAPE Pro CAD system. Details

Delcam announced the 2011 R2 version of its PowerINSPECT software, the first version developed for use on 64-bit computers. Details

Formtek announced the release of version 5.3 of the Formtek | Orion 5 View software for Windows and Solaris. Details

Geometric Limited announced the release of eDrawings Professional for Solid Edge version 8.0. Details

Geometric Limited announced the release of eDrawings Professional for Google SketchUp version 8.0. Details

Granta Design announced extensions to its GRANTA MI software. Details

ICAM Technologies Corp. announced CAM-POST V19. Details

IMSI/Design announced the release of TurboCAD Deluxe 18. Details

Lectra announced Diamino V5R4. Details

LMS International announced the new LMS SCADAS Lab front-end. Details

LMS announced the latest release of LMS Virtual.Lab Acoustics. Details

OpenText announced availability of OpenText Application Governance & Archiving for Microsoft SharePoint 2010. Details

Quickparts announced availability of enhanced quoting capabilities through QuickCutCNC. Details

Rand Worldwide announced that its courseware division released five training guides for Autodesk 2012 software. Details

SAP announced the 7.01 version of the SAP PLM application. Details

SDL announced the release of SDL Translation Management System 2011. Details


Accept Corp. announced it achieved Oracle Validated Integration of Accept360 Ideas with Oracle CRM On Demand Release 18 through the Oracle PartnerNetwork. Details

CNC Software, Inc. announced that its Mastercam for SolidWorks software package was recently awarded Certified Gold Partner status. Details

Formtek announced that Fortune Information Systems Corporation will be able to offer Formtek's latest ECM technology to the Greater China Region. Details

 Product                         Lifecycle                         Management: Paradigm for 21st Century Product                         Realisation

Granta Design announced that Eco Materials Adviser, within Autodesk Inventor 2012, results from a strategic partnership between Granta and Autodesk. Details

Hexagon Metrology, Inc. announced a partnership with Ford Tool & Gage Corp. Details

LMS International announced its participation in the European CRESCENDO project consortium. Details

Tata Technologies announced that Autodesk Inc. inducted the Company into its 2011 Autodesk Platinum Club. Details


Altair Engineering, Inc. announced that it will open its first office in Spain. Details

Autodesk, Inc. named RND Automation & Engineering LLC as the Autodesk Inventor of the Year for 2010. Details

AutoForm Engineering announced a new subsidiary office in Brazil. Details

Bentley Systems, Inc. announced that Bentley Navigator V8i has won a 2011 Constructech Top Products Award. Details

Consona Corp. announced that KMWorld named Consona as one of the "100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management." Details

Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corp. announced more businesses run on SolidWorks and Enterprise PDM. Details

Endeca Technologies, Inc. announced continued growth for FY 2010. Details

First Trace, Inc. announced availability of the Kinnosa Early Access Program in anticipation of the release of version 5.0. Details

Icona Solutions announced new investment through North East Technology Fund and IP Group. Details

Informative Graphics Corp. announced that its secure CSF has met the FIPS AES set by NIST. Details

The IntelliCAD Technology Consortium announced the beginning of IntelliCAD 7 Public Beta user registration. Details

Mentor Graphics Corp. announced that JEDEC has approved a thermal transient testing-based measurement methodology. Details

MSC Software announced that COHAM at OSU used MD Adams and LifeMOD to assess MSD risk during automotive assembly tasks. Details

M2 Technologies announced it will offer Autodesk's 3D design and engineering software for manufacturers. Details

OpenText announced that a new research report, co-sponsored by AIIM and OpenText, provides quantifiable insight into how better strategies around the management of information and content can help companies operate more profitably and capitalize on the positive benefits from knowledge sharing, collaboration and business process improvement. Details

PTC announced the UK PTC Technology Forum 2011. Details

upFront.eZine Publishing, Ltd. announced What's Inside? AutoCAD 2012. Details

Visual 2000 International Inc. announced the creation of a European headquarters in Manchester, England. Details

Visual 2000 International Inc. announced the opening of a satellite office in Shanghai, China. Details

3D Systems Corp. announced that it has acquired Accelerated Technologies, Inc. Details


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