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March 16, 2009 - Vol11 #26

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Reducing the PLM workload

By Roger Tempest

PLM makes life easier and more productive for everyone involved in the product lifecycle. The work of the PLM Team streamlines processes, makes accurate information available in the right context and detail, eliminates time-wasting activity, integrates functions and partner organisations across the extended enterprise, and enables existing knowledge and experience to be re-used in support of innovation.

So who, or what, makes life easier for the PLM Team?

For the PLM Team, the more successful they are, the more their workload increases. The scope of PLM is so wide, and the technical issues are so complex, that most are working on only a subset of the projects that they know are needed by their business. Every project success leads to either 5 or 10 new areas of roll-out, or extra depth and detail in the next phase, or both. After a few years of this, there aren't enough hours in the week or weeks in the year.

To make things worse, the beneficiaries of the PLM improvements can become their opponents, either actively (by demanding detailed ROI justifications before there is any PLM spend) or passively (by resisting on cultural or geographic grounds). After a few years of this, the overhead of management meetings and culture change activities is taking a large slice out of the hours that there aren't enough of.

To make life easier for the PLM Team, one of three things needs to happen. The quantity of work needs to be reduced; or the work needs to be actioned more effectively so that it can be done with less effort; or part of the workload needs to be subcontracted.

Subcontracting part of the workload is already an essential part of many PLM environments because of the sheer number of technically-skilled people that are needed. Vendors, integrators and consultancies can provide large teams of human resource, but although subcontracting is always likely to be part of the solution, it produces its own overheads and needs to be minimised on cost grounds. In general, the Head of PLM does not find his or her desk half empty because the subcontractors are in.

The sheer quantity of work is unlikely to be reduced, so this leaves: actioning the work more effectively.

If the benefits that PLM gives to the rest of the business could be applied to PLM itself, then this would follow naturally. Streamline the processes of PLM management, eliminate time-wasting activity, integrate the different PLM functions, and enable existing knowledge and experience to be re-used.

There is a vast amount of user expertise within companies in Europe and the USA, so obviously we should aim to re-use it. We should formalise what everyone agrees is best practice so that the PLM Team processes are streamlined and effective. We should generate straightforward management tools to eliminate the time-wasting issues, and organise implementations so that every part builds upon the others. Visioning feeds into VP liaison and roadmapping; VP demands for benefits and maturity figures feed into metrics and planning; maturity figures feed into roadmapping, which feeds back to the board VPs.

That is the aim of the User Initiative, which will enable companies to share their experience over the course of the year and generate a comprehensive set of deliverables (2PLM February 16) that every PLM Team needs.

As part of the interaction with the PLM user community, the User Initiative will include active dissemination via 'Respondent Visits'. These are one-day, on-site visits that cover:-

  • Overview of User Initiative content
  • Current body of PLM knowledge
  • PLM tools for Self-Assessment, Benchmarking and Roadmapping
  • Detailed discussion of deliverables and approaches to achieve them
  • Review of your own company PLM environment
  • Working session on PLM issues and targets

The Respondent visits are free, and include a copy of the PLM Self Assessment Toolkit that can be used within the organisation after the visit. The initial geographical coverage will be the USA and Europe, arranged to optimise the logistics. If your feel your company would like a Respondent visit then write to to register your interest.

You can keep informed about, and interact with, the User Initiative through PLMIG membership via
Roger Tempest is co-founder of the PLMIG.



PLM News


Adobe Systems Inc. announced, based on preliminary information, revenue in the range $783-$786 million for Q1 ended Feb. 27, 2009.

ESI Group announced 2008/09 annual sales of Euro 70.2 million.

MKS Inc. announced financial results for Q3 which ended January 31, 2009. Revenue increased 3% to $13.2 million.

Valor Computerized Systems announced financial results for the period ending December 31, 2008. Revenues in 2008 were $40.4M.

3D Systems Corp. announced its operating results for the full year 2008. Revenue was $138.9 million.


MSC.Software Corp. announced that the Board of Directors has named Ashfaq A. Munshi interim CEO and President of the Company.

PTC announced that C. Richard Harrison has been named chairman of PTC's board of directors. James Heppelmann has been named president and chief operating officer.

TradeStone Software announced Paula Levy as SVP of sales & marketing and Tim O'Brien as VP of finance.


Altair Engineering, Inc. announced that ThyssenKrupp Tallent Ltd has adopted the HyperWorks CAE platform.

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. announced that UPEK, Inc. has switched its full-chip design to Cadence.

CMstat announced that L-3 Communication Global Services & Engineering Solutions selected CMstat as its Hardware Configuration Management solution.

Dassault Systemes announced BMW's use of a single digital software environment for the design of BMW engines.

Dassault Systemes announced that Akva Group will integrate Dassault Systemes ENOVIA solution with its Microsoft Dynamics AX solution.

Dyadem announced that ALP's automotive Energy Storage Systems will be designed and production tested using Dyadem's Stature Quality Lifecycle Management (QLM) platform.

EOS GmbH Electro Optical Systems announced that Galloway Plastics Inc. is using an EOSINT M 270 DMLS system.

Invention Machine announced that it has been selected by Blue Highway LLC.

LMS and its Spanish partner Alava Ingenieros announced completion of a GVT technology co-operation project at EADS-CASA.

Mentor Graphics Corp. announced that Azonix used FloEFD Software from the Mentor Graphics Mechanical Analysis Division.

Mentor Graphics Corp. announced that Semiconductor Leading Edge Technologies, Inc. has selected the Calibre nm Platform.

Mentor Graphics Corp. announced that STMicroelectronics has qualified the Mentor design-to-silicon platform.

Mentor Graphics Corp. announced that TATA Autocomp Systems Ltd is expanding its deployment of CHS electrical/wire harness design tools.

Open Text announced that B. Braun Melsungen AG will deploy a company-wide ECM solution based on the Open Text ECM Suite.

PTC announced that Hamilton Sundstrand has selected Arbortext.

PTC announced that Aluminum Corporation of China Limited Shandong Branch has adopted PTC Pro/ENGINEER.

Samtec announced that AIRBUS purchased the site license of SAMCEF FEA software for Structure Analysis.

Siemens PLM Software announced that Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation Motor Corporation Ltd. standardized on Teamcenter software.

Siemens PLM Software announced that Sapa selected Teamcenter software.

Sopheon announced that Ciba Inc. is implementing Sopheon's Accolade product portfolio and innovation process management solution.

Theorem Solutions announced use of the Theorem Solutions TPM process management tool at Cosma International.


Boothroyd Dewhurst, Inc. announced it has added new design-for-environment tools to DFMA 2009.

Bunkspeed released HyperShot 1.8.

CEI announced the latest release of its visualization product, EnSight Lite.

CENIT announced it added a solution for simulating physical systems to its PLM portfolio.

CMstat announced it has completed the integration of the BPM Advanced Workflow module with the CMstat Hardware Configuration Management product suite.

Delcam announced it has introduced a new software system, NC-PartLocator.

Delcam announced the launch of ArtCAM 2009.

Delcam announced TechPac.

Geometric Limited announced the release of DFMPro Version 2.0 for SolidWorks.

LEDAS announced Release 2.2 of its LGS 2D Geometric Solver.

Okino Computer Graphics announced that its currently shipping software products have received the "Autodesk Inventor 2010 Certification".

Okino Computer Graphics announced that it is shipping its newly rewritten Solid Edge CAD conversion system.

Quantapoint announced that internal testing has begun for PRISM 3D / QuantaCAD 9.0.

SDL announced that Adobe Systems Inc. is providing all its Adobe FrameMaker 9 users with SDL AuthorAssistant.

Siemens PLM Software announced the availability of Parasolid Version 21.0 software.

Synergis Software announced an upgrade to its Adept PDM and document management software for SolidWorks.

Theorem Solutions announced Multi-CAD V5.

VX Corp. unveiled VX 2009.

Zuken announced it has introduced the concept of hierarchical design into the heart of E3.cable.

Zuken announced E3.panel.


Barry-Wehmiller International Resources announced an agreement with EAC Product Development Solutions.

Computer-Aided Products, Inc. announced it won SolidWorks North American Customer Satisfaction Award.

Etrage LLC announced Boundary Systems as a reseller of products and services.

Geometric Limited announced the release of its enterprise integration solution for Teamcenter software and DELMIA.

I-Cubed and NxRev announced an agreement to jointly deliver PTC Windchill migration solutions.

ModuleWorks confirmed their partnership with Surfware Inc.

Right Hemisphere announced that it has joined the PLM Alliance serving SAP PLM customers.

solidThinking, Inc. announced it signed Javelin Technologies Inc. to market, sell and support solidThinking.

Siemens PLM Software announced that Valori Business Architects B.V. has signed on as a systems engineering partner specializing in Teamcenter software.

Siemens PLM Software announced that Remcom Inc. has licensed D-Cubed 2D DCM and incorporated it into XFdtd Release 7.0.


aPriori announced that NACCO Materials Handling Group achieved product cost reductions using aPriori's Product Cost Management platform.

Autodesk announced it has named ADEPT Airmotive the Autodesk Inventor of the Year for 2008.

CADCIM Technologies announced the release of the ANSYS 11.0 for Designers textbook.

Catalog Data Solutions Inc. announced the launch of two online CAD libraries of PTC Pro/ENGINEER models for FIRST high school programs.

Centric Software, Inc. announced it closed out its fiscal year, which ended Jan. 31, with 60 percent year-over-year sales growth.

CONTACT Software GmbH announced a contract with the Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration to supplement CONTACT's PLM application.

Dassault Systemes announced a contract with Michael Waltrip Racing.

Informative Graphics Corp. issued a paper on recommended strategies for protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

LASCOM announced the creation of LASCOM CAD Solutions, a company dedicated to Autodesk solution sales and related services.

ModuleWorks announced it achieved revenue growth in excess of 20% for the year 2008.

MSC.Software announced that Ford Motor Company has signed a new agreement.

Right Hemisphere announced it has been recognised for outstanding sales achievement at the 2009 American Business Awards.

Siemens PLM Software announced that its software solutions were used for the digital design, analysis and PDM of the Nissan GT-R.

Siemens PLM Software announced that Siemens PLM Software-sponsored racing teams are off to a strong start for the 2009 season.

Synergis Engineering Design Solutions announced Synergis e-Learning.

TradeStone Software announced the Company is working with the largest retailers in the world to form a PLM for Retail Standards Committee.

VX Corp announced VX Evolution.


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