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John Stark Associates                                                                                                                                               September 13, 2010 - Vol13 #12

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PLM In The USA [2]
by Roger Tempest

Initial feedback to the launch article in the August 30 Issue of 2PLM suggests that PLM in the USA is indeed different to the rest of the world, and for reasons that may not be entirely positive.

At this stage, let's look at the high-level view. Despite its size, and the global presence of many of its corporations, North America is something of a closed environment in PLM terms. This is because the Atlantic is a big barrier, both physically and culturally. Even when a company has a genuinely global PLM outlook, there is often a PLM team in the USA and a separate PLM team within Europe. In practice, in your own organisation, do you have one PLM team or several?

A closed environment is likely to evolve in its own way, and after 10 years of PLM development this seems to have happened - rather like the Galapagos Islands, but on a much larger scale. Factors that have driven America's evolution include:-

  • the sales "push" from vendors
  • a strong focus on projects
  • the nature of America's home market

The push from vendors is simply a result of commercial forces. PLM and 'Lean', for example, could be expected to have a similar priority in management thinking, but there is more focus on PLM because there are vendors to advertise and sell the technology. This seems to be combined with a strong focus on technology implementation within the user companies. Management have their heads down looking for "bang for the buck", and may neglect the strategic and process issues.

American companies tend to operate with a very strong project emphasis. Projects are highly constrained, and resources are applied so that the project needs are fulfilled. With large programmes, this can even extend to buying new items or versions of software and tools specifically to enable that project set to come in on time. This in turn tends to increase the fragmentation of the PLM infrastructure, rather than harmonise it.

America's home market has less diversity (or more commonality) and is generally driven by the lowest price. This places less demand on product development, and therefore on PLM.

All this may mean that US companies are doing only part of what is possible with PLM. It certainly seems that more visibility will show areas where more benefits can be gained.

This is just another step in giving the PLM industry in the USA a voice, and to enable companies to learn from their collective experience. These views may be proved correct, or might be challenged and shown to be wrong. In either case, the outcome will be instructive for everyone. The PLM in the USA discussion continues, and we would welcome your input.  


Roger Tempest is co-founder of the PLMIG. You can send your views of PLM in the USA to him (or request more information) via  



BPM Process Intelligence
by Scott Cleveland
Successful organizations share a sense of purpose and priority. They define the key indicators of performance at every level, and manage the processes that drive performance.

The Need for Process Intelligence
In order to improve your performance, you must assess your business processes in terms of speed, cost, quality, quantity, and other key measures, and turn your business into a higher-performing enterprise. You must continuously adjust and improve the way your internal and external business processes perform. By understanding KPI's as they happen in live business processes, you can make objective decisions and realize your improvement potential. Just imagine the impact you can have by easily identifying the factors that impact process effectiveness.

  • Improved processes lead to improved business performance; you're more competitive and make more money
  • Get out from under-reactive responses by seeing critical key indicators of performance (quantity, time, cost, quality) in real time - or even predict potential outcomes
  • Identify process deficiencies more quickly, and take immediate corrective action before things get out of hand

  • Get more out of your people, time, and money by reducing waste and eliminating mistakes in how work gets done

Implementing a re-engineered business process is not the 'whole' project, it's just the starting point. If you don't measure/monitor the process, you will never know if you are successful. Further, over time, changes occur - people, environment, equipment, software, etc. Managing/Monitoring/Improving your business processes is an ongoing activity.

What's in it for you?
More efficient business processes lead to increased revenues, lower costs and improved customer relationships. They can differentiate you from your competitors. They can be the key that allows your company to break out as the market leader.

Your Thoughts....

What steps has your company taken to be a market leader?


Scott Cleveland can be contacted on +1 408-464-6387



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PLM News

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Synopsys, Inc. announced it has completed its acquisition of Virage Logic Corporation. Details   


SensAble Technologies Inc. announced appointment of Ronald L. Greene, VP Sales and Marketing, and Thomas McGurren, VP of Customer Service. Details  


Altair Engineering, Inc. announced that Vectayn has standardized much of its FEA activities with the HyperWorks suite of virtual simulation tools. Details

Autodesk, Inc. announced that Marine Innovation & Technology is using Digital Prototyping software from Autodesk, Inc. Details

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. announced that Andes Technology has adopted the Cadence digital front-end low-power design flow. Details

Catalog Data Solutions announced that Warner Linear selected CDS ModelServer. Details

Centric Software, Inc. announced that Fox Head, Inc. selected Centric Software, Inc. to provide its product lifecycle management (PLM) system. Details

Dassault Systemes announced that Scania is using Dassault Systemes PLM solutions. Details


ESI announced that Tata Motors selected PAM-STAMP 2G. Details

Intergraph announced that Cryostar SAS has implemented Intergraph SmartPlant Enterprise solutions. Details

Intergraph announced that QUIP SA has selected Intergraph SmartPlant Construction. Details

Intergraph announced that Samsung Heavy Industries has standardized on Intergraph SmartMarine 3D. Details

MSC.Software announced that Baotou Bei Ben Heavy Trucks has selected MD Nastran and MD Adams. Details

Technia announced a contract with REV'IT! concerning the implementation of the ENOVIA Apparel Accelerator. Details

VISTAGY, Inc. announced that Bombardier Aerospace has purchased SyncroFIT software. Details



Autodesk, Inc. announced AutoCAD for Mac software and the AutoCAD WS mobile application. Details

Blue Ridge Numerics, Inc. announced the release of CFdesign 2011. Details

CCE announced that EnSuite's batch translator now supports import of JT format & export to latest versions of JT, STL, CGR, & PDF formats. Details

CDC Software Corp. announced the availability of Product Lifecycle Management for CDC Ross Enterprise. Details

CD-adapco announced the release of STAR-CD and es-ice V4.14 Details

Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corp. announced the SolidWorks 2011 product line. Details

Delcam announced the launch of two dental scanners. Details

DP Technology announced ESPRIT 2011. Details

Geometric Limited announced the release of eDrawings Professional for NX version 7.2. Details

Hexagon Metrology Inc. announced the new line of ROMER Absolute Arms. Details

Intergraph announced the SmartPlant Materials Subcontractor Management module. Details

Intergraph announced its SmartPlant Enterprise electrical solution. Details

INUS Technology, Inc. announced the launch of InvisHands. Details

MathWorks announced Release 2010b (R2010b) of its MATLAB and Simulink product families. Details

MSC.Software announced the introduction of MD Nastran Desktop. Details

Nikon Metrology introduced its range of handheld 3D laser scanning solutions integrated into Rapidform XOR/Redesign and XOV/Verifier software. Details

Pointwise announced the latest release of its Gridgen CFD meshing software. Details

Roland DG Corp. introduced three new VersaCAMM VS wide-format metallic inkjet printer/cutters. Details

Siemens IT Solutions and Services Inc. and Siemens PLM Software announced a Teamcenter-based PLM content management solution. Details

SYCODE announced the release of six file import and five file export add-ins for ARES. Details

VariCAD announced VariCAD 2010 3.0. Details



Aras announced NorthRidge Software has joined the Aras partner program. Details

Cortona3D announced a reseller agreement with PRION GmbH PLM & IT Solutions. Details

Intergraph and Bergen-Power Pipe Supports Inc. announced an agreement. Details

 Product                         Lifecycle                         Management: Paradigm for 21st Century Product                         Realisation

Lattice Technology, Inc. announced that Anark Corporation has joined the company's reseller program. Details

Tech Soft 3D and Datalogics, Incorporated announced a partnership. Details

Visual Technology Services announced a partnership with Seattle-based CHI.LLC. Details



Cutting Edge Solutions Ltd announced a merger with PRION UK Ltd. Details

Delcam announced that a group of companies in New Zealand is using Delcam software to design and manufacture custom-made maxillofacial implants. Details

Intergraph announced that SMOE Pte Ltd. has become the 400th SmartPlant Foundation customer. Details

ProSTEP announced that the JT ballot was issued on August 24th and is currently in circulation (cp. SC4 N2625). The publication date of the first version of the ISO JT standard is planned for 2012. Details



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