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John Stark Associates                                                                                                                                                         December 7, 2009 - Vol12 #19

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PLM Industry Standards and Qualifications

By Roger Tempest


In February and March of this year, 2PLM considered the knowledge, skills and experience that are required to run a successful PLM team. 

The February 16 issue noted that: "So much has been written about PLM that it may seem strange to suggest that we do not know much about it. However, if you step back and ask: 'What exactly do we know?', then some surprising gaps in our knowledge are revealed." "What we need is formalised PLM knowledge that is out in the open, where everyone can refer to and use it. It does not need to be encyclopaedic, nor to supersede anything that already exists. Rather, it needs to be concise, neutral, well-written, and to cross-reference easily with other sources." 

The March 16 issue continued: "For the PLM Team, the more successful they are, the more their workload increases. The scope of PLM is so wide, and the technical issues are so complex, that most are working on only a subset of the projects that they know are needed by their business." "To make life easier for the PLM Team [...] the work needs to be actioned more effectively so that it can be done with less effort." 

Factor this into large corporations where the PLM Team may consist of 50 or 100 people, and it leads to a massive amount of wasted effort. The PLM industry really needs common metrics, standards and reference models so that everyone can be sure what is the most effective way of moving forward. 

A good analogy for PLM standards is the game of chess. Like PLM, chess is extremely complex, presenting the players with many different possible moves at any point in the game. However, in chess, experience has shown that there are some ways of developing a game that produce far more predictable and satisfactory results. These have become the standard openings and defences, such as Ruy Lopez, Giuoco Piano or the King's Indian Defence. The players are not required to follow the openings exactly, but they know when they are deviating from the norm and can have a good idea of what the possible consequences of that might be. 

PLM standards need to have the same practicality and flexibility. They need to be:

  • structured around the common activities of adoption and implementation
  • relevant and accurate enough to be a practical guide
  • based on standard metrics and methods
  • agreed across all parts of the PLM industry
  • assessed and maintained by a formally-approved industry body

It is clear from this that identifying what the standards should be is only the start. The PLM industry needs to become far more self-aware and cooperative if standards are ever to be developed. If PLM is to be taken seriously by the business world at large, then this change is long overdue. 

Almost every other business function or profession (management, project management, quality, engineering, purchasing, supply chain - the list is extensive) has its own industry body, its own professional standards, and its own qualifications. The PLM industry should be no exception. 

PLM standards lead to more effective working and the possibility of "right first time" implementations. PLM qualifications lead to professional recognition, and an enhanced career path for PLM specialists. 

In order to develop standards and qualifications, the PLM industry will have to get organised. There will need to be meetings to propose, define and agree the standards. There will need to be collaboration to establish exactly which roles, skills and knowledge will be embodied within the qualifications. There will need to be international cooperation to align the standards across countries and regions. Furthermore, there will need to be a new industry grouping of professional experts from PLM organisations that will act as the appraising authority. 

The issues concerning standards and qualifications are covered in more detail in the Q4 issue of the PLM Journal, and the PLMIG may start the discussion process by holding meetings in the New Year. 

Roger Tempest is co-founder of the PLMIG. The PLMIG would welcome your views or suggestions for PLM standards or qualifications, via






PLM News

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Gartner, Inc. announced that it has agreed to acquire AMR Research, Inc. for approximately $64 million in cash. Details

Gerber Scientific, Inc. announced the acquisition of Yunique Solutions Inc. Details

3D Systems Corp. announced that it acquired the assets of AdvaTech Manufacturing. Details


Mentor Graphics Corp. announced revenues of $189.2 million for Q3 2010, ending October 31, 2009. Details

MTS Systems Corp. reported fiscal 2009 fourth quarter results. Revenue was $93.8 million. Details


EPLAN Software & Services announced Jan Dominik Gunkel as president of the company's North American operations. Details

PTC announced the appointment of Paul A. Lacy to its Board of Directors. Details

ShapeGrabber announced Richard Nasmith has joined ShapeGrabber as Vice President Sales. Details


AVEVA announced multiple wins from China's power industry. Details

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. announced that IC Plus has adopted the Cadence Incisive verification solution. Details

Catalog Data Solutions announced that General Bearing Corporation selected CDS's interactive catalog solution. Details

Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corp. announced its CAD software is helping Wellstream International Limited. Details

Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corp. announced use of SolidWorks software by BUB Enterprises. Details

Delcam announced use of PartMaker CAM software by medical device manufacturer C-Axis. Details

Intergraph announced that Oerlikon Solar selected Intergraph SmartPlant 3D and P&ID engineering design software. Details

MSC.Software announced that LAMC selected Nastran and Adams. Details

NGC announced that Stony Apparel is implementing NGC's Global Enterprise System software suite, including e-PLM for Product Lifecycle Management. Details

Pilgrim Software, Inc. announced that Nucletron, B.V. has purchased SmartInsight. Details

PROSTEP announced it has been awarded a contract by Airbus. Details

PTC announced that Ricardo has adopted Windchill for product lifecycle management (PLM). Details



ANSYS, Inc. announced its Ansoft Designer 5.0 and Nexxim 5.0 products. Details

ASCON Group announced the release of KOMPAS-3D V11. Details

BlueCielo ECM Solutions announced it released the InnoCielo 2009a product family. Details

Dassault Systemes announced the availability of Abaqus 6.9 Extended Functionality. Details

Delcam announced the launch of Solid Doctor. Details

Delcam announced the launch of its PowerSHAPE CAD software incorporating the Parasolid kernel. Details

DP Technology announced that ESPRIT 2010 is shipping. Details

ESI Group announced the release of its Sheet Metal Forming Simulation Suite Version 2009. Details

ESI Group announced the release of the 2009 version of its PAM-CEM software. Details

Flow Science, Inc. announced that FLOW-3D/MP is now available. Details

Hexagon Metrology announced the release of PC-DMIS 2009 MR1. Details

ICEM released ICEM Surf 4.8.4. Details

ITI TranscenData announced the release of CADIQ 6.1. Details

Kineo CAM announced 3DVIA Path Planning. Details

Kubotek USA announced the release of KeyCreator Version 9. Details

Lattice Technology Inc. released its latest converter for Autodesk Inventor 2010. Details

Lectra announced the launch of the latest version of Romans Cad. Details

LMS released LMS Virtual.Lab Revision 9. Details

Materialise announced the release of Magics 14. Details

ModuleWorks announced the latest release of its CAM components, version 2009.12. Details

Pointwise released the latest update to its Gridgen meshing software. Details

Sopheon announced version 5.0 of its Accolade Vision Strategist strategic roadmapping software. Details

SYCODE announced a Pro/ENGINEER file import plug-in for AutoCAD. Details

Symphony Services Corp. announced its Product Line Management (PLM) services. Details

VariCAD announced the release of VariCAD Version 2010 1.0. Details

VISTAGY, Inc. announced the release of Seat Design Environment 2009. Details

VX Corp. announced the release of VX 2009 v14.2. Details

3D Systems Corp. announced the ProJet 5000 Large Format High Definition 3-D Printer. Details



 CD-adapco and Access announced the first public release of STAR-Cast. Details

EOS announced a joint venture with BESTinCLASS. Details

ICAM Technologies Corp. announced the signing of a Dealership Agreement with JBM of Japan. Details

InterDyn BMI announced that it joined the PTC AdvantageNetwork ChannelAdvantage Partner Program. Details

MasterControl and Vialis announced a partner agreement. Details

MasterControl Inc. and EXTEDO announced a new integrated solution. Details

SensAble Technologies and VITA announced that SensAble has integrated VITA's digital tooth libraries into SDLS. Details

VISTAGY, Inc. announced a strategic partnership with Maxoft, Inc. Details

VizSeek announced a Value-Added Partnership agreement with TrueFit Solutions, Inc. Details


Datakit announced that ProEngineer Wildfire 5 is supported by all Datakit ranges of converters. Details

Gibbs and Associates announced a grant to Clemson University. Details

Informative Graphics Corp. announced it has been named to EContent magazine's EC100. Details

MasterControl announced it has been named one of the 100 fastest-growing companies in Utah. Details

Missler Software announced support for Windows 7. Details

3D Systems Corp. announced availability of its 3Dproparts service in Europe. Details

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