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PLM Conference : Last Call
Last call for the September 6-7 Geneva PLM Conference.
PLM Governance Benchmark
by Roger Tempest
A major PLM user company ($5bn sales, 16000 employees, operating in 29 countries) wishes to benchmark its PLM implementation with other real PLM users. If other user companies wish to join in, then the PLM Interest Group will run a collaborative benchmarking project that will take place during the first quarter of 2012.

Benchmarking on this scale and in this depth of detail has never been done before in PLM. It is intended for companies that are seriously interested in quantifying the strengths and weaknesses within their PLM landscape and that are willing to commit time and resources to do so. For its part, the PLMIG will provide the leadership, coordination, benchmarking parameterisation, and full documentation.

The benefits of benchmarking in this way are extensive. The exercise gives an unparalleled appraisal of your whole PLM implementation, from strategy to operations, and a thorough review of your PLM approach. It will provide the participating companies with quantified answers about the whole scope of their PLM implementations:-

  • "What, exactly, is achievable in PLM today, and in the future?"
  • "How well does our operational set-up support our business strategy?"
  • "How do we compare with other companies in the functionality that we provide?"
  • "How efficient are we in using budgets and resources compared to other companies?"

Not every company would benefit. One major international corporation has declined because they conducted a well-publicised vendor selection exercise in the recent past, and are committed to completing the roll-out. Their PLM activity for the next two or three years is fixed according to contract.

However, most users in large companies have the opposite problem - extreme complexity, many unknowns, and only a partially-defined picture of progress and possibilities. Comparing the fundamental PLM parameters with other users in a well-structured benchmark will provide comprehensive data for everyone who takes part.

The first step is to find out if there are enough interested companies for the benchmark to work properly. If you would like to know how the benchmark will operate and who else might be involved, there is more information on the PLMIG web site or you can contact me via

Roger Tempest is co-founder of the PLMIG. Membership of the PLMIG is available via

Product Lifecycle Management
by Scott Cleveland
Product Lifecycle Management encompasses managing all data relating to the concept, design, manufacture, support and the end of life of products and goods.

In the beginning..

Aerospace and Defense contractors led the way. Their initial focus was managing engineering drawings/documentation. They didn't have just a few drawings lying around, they had thousands. No matter how hard they tried, the wrong drawings got used or they couldn't find the drawing at all. If they couldn't find the drawing, they redrew it.

At the same time, they were complaining about the number of days required to turn around a change request. Back then, Email was just coming into use, so the most common form of 'routing' was manual. A change request was handwritten on a piece of paper and handed to someone in doc control. Doc control walked it through the company's change process.

The Engineering Document Management Systems [EDMS] saw the need for engineering document management and added workflow so they could manage engineering change requests.

The EDMS suppliers that had a workflow component didn't want to be compared to those that didn't, so they came up with a new acronym - PLM.


Essential elements of PLM include:
  • Manage the design process and the documents generated
  • Compile and manage bills of materials
  • Offers an 'electronic vault' with access controls and check in/check out
  • Includes part and document metadata
  • Assigns tasks based on a defined workflow
  • Provides an 'electronic' engineering change control solution
  • Provides an audit trail with electronic signatures

You don't have to own a large company to see a good return on investment from your successful PLM implementation. And, a down economy is a good time to make investments that can make you more efficient.

Your Thoughts....

Manufacturers have 2 options: Do nothing [wasting money each month] or Implement PLM to decrease costs, increase revenues and improve profits. Which choice will you make?

Scott Cleveland can be contacted on +1 408-464-6387


Geneva and Milan
by Roger Tempest
The next three months are packed with events and conferences competing for your attention. Most expect to draw in an international audience, so what makes it worthwhile to take time away from the workplace and travel abroad in the quest for PLM information?

The main attraction for most people would be to see in detail how other companies are implementing PLM, and the Geneva Conference at CERN has the strongest line-up of case histories for many years. From the opening keynote by EADS, and several presentations from CERN themselves, the whole core of the Agenda is based around presentations of how PLM has actually been applied, and the lessons that have been learned. With a Workshop Track and panel discussions to add the interactive aspect, the Geneva Conference promises to be one of the best events of its type for some time.

The demand for more detailed interaction at conferences has been growing steadily over the years, but the PLM Standardisation Initiative is still the only event series that offers two days of uninterrupted group working with your peers. The series continues with a new workshop in Milan on 27-28 September, at which you can add your own implementation issues into the ongoing development of PLM standards and improvements. The Milan Workshop features the PLM standardisation and best practice that has been generated from around Europe.

There is still time to register for Geneva, and you can find out more information about the Milan Workshop via



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PLM News

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Autodesk, Inc. announced that it has acquired certain technology related assets from Numenus GmbH. Details

ESI Group announced the acquisition of IC.IDO GmbH. Details

LMS International announced that it has acquired a 60% controlling majority position of SAMTECH. Details

SGI announced that it has completed the acquisition of OpenCFD Ltd. Details 


Autodesk, Inc. reported financial results for the second quarter of fiscal year 2012. Revenue was $546 million. Details

Mentor Graphics Corp. announced financial results for the company's fiscal second quarter ended July 31, 2011. The company reported revenues of $213.7 million. Details 


Altair Engineering, Inc. announced that the aerospace engineering division of Hyde Group has deployed Altair's HyperWorks. Details

Omnify Software announced that TEKTELIC Communications has adopted the Omnify Empower PLM solution. Details  

Siemens PLM Software announced that Ukrainian State Enterprise Antonov selected NX and Teamcenter. Details

Siemens PLM Software announced use of NX and Teamcenter by Siemens PLM Software. Details 


Autodesk, Inc. announced a range of new AutoCAD products built for Mac OS X Lion. Details

CCE announced a new release of EnSuite that provides tools for checking global interference of multi-CAD assemblies. Details

NEi Software introduced NEi Nastran in-CAD 2011. Details

Rasterex released RxAutoImage R12. Details

Rasterex released RxSpotlight R12. Details

SpaceClaim announced SpaceClaim Engineer 2011+. Details

VISTAGY, Inc. announced that SyncroFIT 2011 is now integrated with NX software. Details

Zuken announced a new module for topology creation within the electrical CAD software suite, E3.series. Details

ZWSOFT announced the release of Service Pack 1 for ZW3D 2011. Details 


Aras announced that the company has joined the Autodesk Partner Program. Details

Aras announced the availability of an enterprise solution for Formula & Recipe Management. Details

AVEVA announced it has joined the OpenHCM (Hull Conditioning Monitoring) Consortium. Details

 Product                         Lifecycle                         Management: Paradigm for 21st Century Product                         Realisation

ESI Group announced a cooperation agreement with BIAM. Details

ICAM Technologies Corp. announced the signing of a VAR Agreement with UK-based Desktop Engineering ltd. Details

Siemens PLM Software announced it has been named an HP AllianceONE Partner of the Year. Details

Visual 2000 International Inc. and Clientis-S3G LLC announced a partnership. Details 


Geometric Limited announced it received the 2011 Global Enabling Technology Award for Computer Aided Design (CAD) from Frost & Sullivan. Details

MathWorks announced that ASU redesigned the curriculum of its aerospace engineering program to emphasize independent discovery and the use of MATLAB and Simulink for exploring aerodynamics, aircraft stability, and control concepts. Details

Rapidform, Inc. announced it has opened a new office in Lakewood, Colorado and moved to a new office in Newark, California. Details 


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