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John Stark Associates                                                                                                                                                         September 30, 2009 - Vol12 #14

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PDM Managers' Meeting: Focus and Framework

by Roger Tempest

It is clear from the feedback from the previous issue of 2PLM, which asked the question:- Should there be a PDM Managers' Meeting?", that the answer is "yes" - in principle. Responses from the USA and Europe confirm that the subject of PDM has been overlooked for a long time, and that a working platform to share PDM ideas and experience is long overdue. We now have to firm up the details so that the answer is "yes" - in practice.

Two things are needed at this stage. The first is Focus, on PDM as the subject; and the second is a Framework, so that the meeting is productive for those who attend.

The Focus on PDM is needed because it is very easy to be drawn into wider PLM issues, and that could diffuse the value of the meeting. The context and wider issues are always important, but to make a difference, this meeting needs to be able to work with PDM technical detail. If you are a PDM Manager, you will be able to think of several very complex technical areas that you have to resolve, but that your non-PDM colleagues don't understand at all. This meeting is intended to give you the chance of dealing with them in a group for the first time.

The Framework is needed so that the meeting is productive. It will do no good just to get several people in a room and say: "Let's talk about PDM". That is a recipe for confusion. There needs to be a structured framework that may combine participant presentations, review of theory, and group working. The aim is for each meeting to produce new deliverable material that the participants can take back with them.

If several meetings are held, then the framework should extend so that each meeting builds upon the knowledge gained from the previous ones.

So we need to keep the Focus, and establish the Framework. Current feedback about the long-term Framework ranges from providing a structured source of working material to help relatively new PDM Managers to fulfill their role, to developing a complete best-practice implementation path for PDM based on PMI principles.

The short-term Framework, in the form of an outline agenda for the meeting, will be developed over the next 2-3 weeks. The feedback stage will continue over this period, and your views on the PDM issues that should be covered will be most welcome.

One point to consider is that these may not have to be user-only meetings. They can be open to everyone in the industry who works with the detailed management of PDM. PDM Managers from user companies might find it useful to have the input of technical specialists from other parts of the PDM spectrum, if they contribute in an open and unbiased way. Views on this are welcome as part of the feedback.

If you let me know your views on the link below then I will report back in the next issue of 2PLM.

Roger Tempest is co-founder of the PLMIG. You can send your comments or input via


Managing Particles

By David Potter
It's curious how a single word can come to have two almost opposite meanings. In physics, the word "quantum" can mean "the smallest amount of a physical quantity that can exist independently", whereas in more general use it can mean the opposite: "a large quantity; bulk". Both of these definitions are easily found in dictionaries.

There's a lot of discussion about the "Internet of Things", which some prefer to think of as "Ambient Intelligence". There will be an inevitable explosion in the number of devices worldwide that will be able to communicate amongst themselves, as well as with a rapidly increasing number of managing systems. Take for example the ability to remotely control a domestic intruder alarm or domestic appliances from a mobile phone or PDA.

Whether we like it or not, this explosion will impact on PLM. I personally like it a lot because I am interested in whole-of-life PLM and lifecycle management in general: "Closing the Information Loops across All Phases of All Kinds of Lifecycles".

However, this explosion will not be sustainable without considerable efforts both in standards and product development in order to address some quite significant challenges.

The wise know that the "Internet of Things" and "Ambient Intelligence" can only truly become reality if important societal, political and cultural concerns can be properly overcome.

It's no surprise that both earlier definitions of "quantum" apply in the context of Quantum Lifecycle Management, the name chosen by The Open Group for the new standards consortium it is in the process of forming. Its name implies the quantum leap required to harness the technologies and direction of the "Internet of Things", embracing the trillions of additional entities that will be introduced to the challenge of lifecycle management.

"Managing particles" will have a significant and unavoidable impact on PLM - are you preparing for it?

If you have any comments or questions related to this article, please post them on my blog at

David Potter is Chief Technical Officer, Promise Innovation International Oy., and former Chairman of the Project Steering Board of the EU PROMISE Project.







PLM News

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 MSC.Software Corp announced that it received revised offers to acquire all of the issued and outstanding common shares of MSC. Details


Adobe Systems Inc. reported revenue of $697.5 million for its Q3 ended Aug.28, 2009. Details

ESI Group announced consolidated sales for its first half to 31st July 2009. First-half sales totalled 31.2 million euros. Details

IHS Inc. reported results for Q3 ended August 31, 2009. Revenue for the third quarter of 2009 totaled $239 million. Details

Oracle Corp. announced fiscal 2010 Q1 results. First quarter GAAP total revenues were $5.1 billion. Details


i2 Technologies, Inc. announced Graham C. Newland has been named SVP of the company's EMEA region. Details

PTC announced the appointment of Robert P. Schechter to its Board of Directors. Details


Altair Engineering, Inc. announced that MECAPLAST Group has extended its use of HyperWorks. Details

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. announced that Linear Technology Corporation adopted a range of Cadence Design Systems technologies. Details

Dassault Systemes announced that Entergy Corp. is leveraging Dassault Systemes solutions. Details

Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corp. announced that Continental DataGraphics has purchased SolidWorks 3D CAD software. Details

ESI Group announced it has been selected by Panoz Auto Development Company as a design partner. Details

LEDAS Ltd announced that Joe Gibbs Racing licensed LEDAS geometric constraint solver LGS 3D. Details

MSC.Software Corp. announced Mitsubishi Cable Industries has selected the company's Enterprise Advantage licensing system program. Details

Pilgrim Software, Inc. announced that Scantibodies Laboratory has gone live with its documentation and training management solutions. Details

PTC announced that Rockwell Collins has selected Arbortext for its S1000D initiative. Details

think3 announced that MAUS has chosen think3's CAD and PLM solutions. Details


 Actify Inc. announced the general release of SpinFire 8.4. Details

ANSYS, Inc. announced the release of HFSS 12.0 software. Details

Autodsys, Inc. announced the release of AcceliCAD 2010 V6.6.47.8. Details

Autodesk announced Autodesk Algor Simulation 2010 products. Details

Cimatron Limited announced enhancements for electrode design and manufacturing in CimatronE 9.0. Details

COADE announced the release of CADWorx Plant Design Suite 2010. Details

Elysium, Inc. announced CADdoctor EX4.1. Details

FARO Technologies, Inc. announced the release of their latest 3D measurement system, the FARO Laser Tracker ION. Details

Hexagon Metrology Inc. announced the new Leitz PMM-G gantry CMM series. Details

Hexagon Metrology Inc. announced availability of analog scanning packages on entry level Brown & Sharpe Global Classic CMMs. Details

ICEM Limited announced ICEM Surf 4.8.3. Details

Invention Machine announced the availability of Invention Machine Goldfire 5.5. Details

Kineo CAM announced KWS-UAF. Details

Lattice Technology announced the upcoming release of Lattice3D Dataway. Details

Lectra announced this fall's launch of the new version of Kaledo (V2R1). Details

The MathWorks announced Release 2009b of its MATLAB and Simulink product families. Details

Metris announced POLYWORKS to interface directly with Metris handheld laser scanners. Details

Nemetschek North America announced the Vectorworks 2010 Product Line. Details

Oracle unveiled Oracle's Agile Product Lifecycle Management for Process (PLM) 6.0. Details

QUMAS announced the launch of the QUMAS Biotechnology Package. Details

Right Hemisphere announced its Deep Exploration 6 software is shipping. Details

Siemens PLM Software announced the availability of Parasolid Version 22.0. Details

VariCAD announced the release of VariCAD 2009 2.0. Details

Zuken announced the American and European launch of Design Gateway. Details

ZWSOFT announced the French release of ZWCAD 2009i. Details

Z Corp. announced the ZScanner 600. Details


 Autodesk, Inc. and Parallels announced an agreement. Details

AVEVA Group plc announced it has partnered with ECE Design as the North American reseller of AVEVA Instrumentation. Details

Informative Graphics Corp. announced a partnership with Mimosa Systems. Details

Lattice Technology announced that it has signed up r.a.p.s as a reseller. Details

Maplesoft announced a partnership with Siemens PLM Software. Details

Siemens PLM Software and Nemetschek North America announced the release of the 2D DCM component in Vectorworks 2010. Details

Technia announced an agreement with Dassault Systemes. Details

Technia announced a partnership with Integware Inc. Details

Tech Soft 3D and Lattice Technology announced applications shipped using the Adobe 3D OEM Platform. Details


ANSYS, Inc. announced it is the exclusive provider of multiphysics engineering simulation software at a new facility at UWM. Details

ANSYS, Inc. announced that it is ranked in the top 100 on Software Magazine's Software 500 ranking. Details

Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corp. announced Texas A&M has purchased new licenses of SolidWorks software. Details

Delcam announced the establishment of an office in California. Details

EMA announced it added global access to the Component Information Portal for Cadence Design Systems OrCAD Capture CIS users. Details

 Product Lifecycle<br />
                        Management: Paradigm for 21st Century Product Realisation

The Open Design Alliance announced the beta release of version 3.1 of its development platform. Details

ProSTEP iViP Association announced the JT specification has been accepted for publication as an ISO Publicly Available Specification. Details

Quantapoint announced beta testing for PRISM 3D / QuantaCAD 10.0. Details

Siemens PLM Software announced an in-kind software grant with a commercial value of nearly $20 million to Oklahoma State University. Details

Sopheon announced its inclusion on Software Magazine's Software 500 listing. Details

Technia announced the founding of Technia Inc. Details

Vero Software announced VISI was voted winner of the 'Best Product' in the Engineering Software category at the DPA Innovation Awards. Details

VX Corp. announced the donation of 60 licenses of their CAD/CAM solution to Samutsongkhram Technical College. Details


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