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John Stark Associates                                                                                                                                               April 23, 2012 - Vol15 #2

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Level 0 to Level 3 PLM Analysis
by Roger Tempest
Last week, PLM managers from Thales, Knorr-Bremse, DCNS Group and Honeywell met in Paris, France to confirm the structure and timescales of the PLM Governance Benchmark.

The PLM Governance Standard (see 2PLM Jan 16) will be used to ensure that the whole scope of PLM is included in the Benchmark, and the PLM Benchmarking Handbook will provide the detailed methodology.

The PLM Benchmarking Handbook is an outstanding PLM toolkit that has been in use since 2005. When comparing something as complex as PLM, in companies that may have more than 50000 employees, a rock-solid methodology is essential. The Handbook provides four levels of PLM analysis:-

  • Level 0: a study of drivers, capabilities and processes used for initial positioning;
  • Level 1: an interactive, discussion-level pass to give the first comparative information;
  • Level 2: a structured, formal appraisal of quantified PLM parameters; and
  • Level 3: the detailed drill-down that completes the final results.  

The participants in Paris devised a programme that will start in June; run the Level 0 and Level 1 comparisons by the summer; and conduct the detailed drill-down at Levels 2-3 between September and November.

The aim is not only to produce complete PLM visibility in time for 2013 strategy-setting and planning, but to provide a continually-increasing feed of information for the Board throughout the year. In addition to this, the PLM managers themselves will be sharing best practices and combining their expertise in a way that has never been possible before.

There is still plenty of time to take part in this programme, and the current participants would welcome more partners - from anywhere in the world. If you are interested, there is a straightforward induction path that begins by requesting information at benchmark@plmig.com.


Roger Tempest is co-founder of the PLMIG. Membership of the PLMIG is available via membership@plmig.com

Groucho, PLM and the Project Plan
by Scott Cleveland
There's a quote from Groucho Marx that begins "Behind every successful man is a woman,". Well, in the small world of PLM, behind every successful PLM implementation is a good project plan.

There has to be a reason for implementing a product lifecycle management solution. The problem that you are attempting to solve will be extremely annoying. You will have decided that you just can't take it anymore and it needs to be fixed. Or, the cost of the problem just keeps mounting and mounting so one day it needs to be fixed.

My Thoughts....
At a high level, I like to break down a PLM project into 4 major steps: Analysis, Design, Construction and Implementation. I see the analysis step as the real key - it's like the foundation to a house. If it isn't done right, the building of the house won't go smoothly. In PLM terminology, there'll be many Change Requests.

The analysis is where the communication begins. Terms will be defined, the problem areas will be clearly delineated, and the company will describe its idea of a successful outcome.

As with any project, miscommunication is something you try hard to avoid. It can be the difference between success and failure. It can be the difference between a happy outcome and an unhappy one.  

Hopefully, when performing the analysis, you'll find an experienced person [so they know what questions to ask] who is a good listener [so they hear the answers].

Using these skills, you'd like for them to confirm their understanding of the company's needs and pass requirements to the 'solution designer' so that the solution can be properly configured and/or coded.

Obviously, if the world was perfect and people were flawless, the first cut of the solution would be correct and make the company happy. Since we are only human, we can only do the best we possibly can [and hope for some luck along the way].

Your Thoughts....
What has been your experience? Contact me to share your ideas.


Scott Cleveland can be contacted on +1 408-464-6387



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PLM News

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Geomagic announced it completed an acquisition of Sensable Technology Inc.'s 3D design and haptics businesses. Details

Stratasys announced a stock-for-stock merger between Stratasys and Objet. Details

3D Systems Corp. announced that it has acquired My Robot Nation. Details 


PTC provided preliminary financial results for its fiscal quarter ended March 31, 2012. Q2 Non-GAAP revenue was approximately $300 million. Details 


Docupoint announced the appointment of Fletch Sullivan as Vice President of worldwide sales. Details 


aPriori announced that Sertec has adopted the aPriori software platform. Details

AVEVA announced that Centroprojekt do Brasil S/A has selected AVEVA. Details

AVEVA announced that Poyry has selected AVEVA PDMS. Details 

LMS International announced Argonne National Laboratory selected LMS International. Details

MSC Software Corp. announced that Frazer-Nash Consultancy has selected MSC Software's Actran/Vibroacoustics and Actran/Aeroacoustics. Details

PTC announced that Devanlay selected FlexPLM. Details

Tacton Systems announced use of TactonWorks by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor Corporation. Details 


aPriori announced the latest release of its software platform, aPriori 2012r1. Details

Autodesk announced that Autodesk Inventor Fusion is now available for download. Details

AVEVA announced the release of AVEVA Laser Modeller. Details

AVEVA announced the release of the AVEVA Electrical software application. Details

Dassault Systemes announced a new release of 3DSwYm. Details

Dassault Systemes announced the latest release of its Version 5 PLM platform. Details

Delcam announced new roughing and finishing strategies for PowerMILL. Details

Eurostep announced the release of Share-A-space 7.3 with new security features. Details

Fujitsu announced a technology for retrieving partially similar models from stored 3D CAD models. Details

Gstarsoft announced GstarCAD2012 incorporates functionality for reusing PDF-based CAD drawings. Details

Hexagon Metrology announced the launch of the Brown & Sharpe 4.5.4 SF. Details

INUS Technology, Inc. announced Rapidform XOR3 SP1. Details

JETCAM International s.a.r.l announced the launch of Version 16.23.02 of JETCAM Expert. Details

Lattice Technology Inc. announced XVL Player v12.0. Details

Lectra announced the launch of Versalis Furniture. Details

Luxology LLC announced availability of Power SubD-NURBS for modo. Details

PTC announced Creo 2.0. Details

PTC announced Windchill 10.1. Details

QuadriSpace announced its 2012 product line includes signicant upgrades, Details

ZWSOFT announced that the next version of ZWCAD will include a different ribbon interface and SmartMouse. Details 


Kineo CAM and Noomeo announced a collaboration to develop a solution for automatic control of the quality of mechanical assemblies. Details

Lightworks announced that the latest release of ZW3D CAD/CAM from ZWSOFT incorporates the Lightworks Artisan product. Details 

 Product                         Lifecycle                         Management: Paradigm for 21st Century Product                         Realisation

SIMPOE SAS announced a Sales & Marketing distribution agreement with Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corp. Details

The vdR Group and Alcove9 announced their partnership. Details 


Catalog Data Solutions released a case study on GAM Gear / GAM Enterprises' use of the CDS Catalog. Details

CONTACT Software announced a joint presentation with the Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center at the Graz Virtual Vehicle Symposium. The subject of the presentation is the path from close-to-reality styling to an all-out vehicle concept with support of product lifecycle management (PLM). Details

InnovMetric Software Inc. announced that in fiscal year 2011 (ending March 31, 2012), its global sales revenue increased by 28% compared to the previous fiscal year. Details

Online Graduate Programs announced a resource on Engineering. Details

Siemens PLM Software announced that it received, from UBM Channel, its CRN 5-Star Partner rating for the sixth year in a row. Details

Siemens PLM Software announced it has received the 2011 General Motors Supplier of the Year Award. Details

The Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) announced SPECapc for Siemens NX 6. Details

3D Systems Corp. announced that Volkswagen DK has launched an advertising campaign featuring the company's full color 3D printers. Details

3D Systems Corp. announced that it has acquired Paramount Industries. Details 


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