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Gothenburg and Munich Registration
by Roger Tempest
Registration for the Nordic region and German region PLM Standardisation workshops is now open, and already there is a user-vendor mix of participants.

The launch workshop, for the Nordic region, will be held at the Novotel Gothenburg on 24-25 May. This will be followed by a workshop for the German region hosted by the Bundeswehr University Munich on 07-08 June. These workshops are the start of a rolling programme that will continue through many countries and become a driving force for PLM improvement.

The series is planned to continue with workshops in the UK and the USA. (If you would like to chat about the location and format of the UK event, I will be at the PTC Technology Forum in Sutton Coldfield on 12 May.) Participants at any workshop get all of the other results from the series, giving them a global picture and, by the end of the year, a completely new toolkit of working standards that address the current problem areas of PLM.

If you think that there are some deep-seated problems with the current PLM scenario, and have invested time and effort in trying to improve them within your organisation, then these workshops will enable you to develop these ideas with your peers. Many companies have established good internal standards, but these are all "islands". If PLM is to be more effective then we need practical standards that can be applied throughout the extended customer and supply chains.

The events are completely open, so you can go to any one in the series, whether you are a user, vendor, service provider or academic. Choose the workshop that is most convenient for travel, or most convenient for your diary. To find out more information or to register, contact


Roger Tempest is co-founder of the PLMIG. Membership of the PLMIG is available via

PLM Conference, September 2011
by John Stark

Our planning for the PLM Conference and Exhibition to be held at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland on September 6-7, 2011 is continuing. The Conference will address PLM across the lifecycle: innovation; development; manufacturing; use/support; retirement/disposal. Presentations will address a wide range of PLM subjects including Application Architecture, Business Process Management, Change Management, Cleantech, Data Cleansing, End-of-Life, Implementation Guidelines, Innovation Management, the Internet of Things, Mechatronics, NPD/NPI, Open Systems, Portfolio Management, Standards, Strategy, Sustainability, etc.

The Conference Program is in preparation, and the speaker list should be finalised by mid-May. The current number of speakers by sector is:

  • Aerospace - 1
  • Apparel - 1
  • Automotive - 1

  • CERN - 5
  • Consumer Goods - 1
  • Machine - 2
  • Medical Device - 3
  • Pharmaceutical - 3
  • Plastics - 2
  • Power Industry - 2
  • Process Industry (other) - 2
  • Transportation (other) - 2
  • Utility - 2
  • Watch - 4
  • Academia - 2
  • Government - 2
  • Research (other) - 2
  • Standards - 2


If you're interested in participating, please contact John Stark. 

PLM: What's the Use?
by Henk Jan Pels
Inventing and creating is in the human genes. For more than 20,000 years, Mankind has been constructing tools, first from bone and stone, later from bronze and iron. The engineer wants to make Nature work for him, and technology becomes ever more subtle and complex.

Is it also getting more fun? Of course it's great to contribute to the design of the largest aircraft or the smallest processor, but there's also a trend of ever more non-engineers interfering with the design - and that's not always fun. (A typical example is IT people implementing PLM systems that should bring shorter time to market, lower cost of change and faster innovation - but after implementation you don't experience support of your design activities, but new dull administrative obligations. So, please leave smart design to the engineer and let Sales and Service care for lifecycles.)

Why do I write this? As a researcher and consultant, I've been involved in EDM, PDM and PLM for over 20 years. I started finding out what these terms actually mean, what these system are supposed to do, and under which conditions a company may benefit from what functionality. What I found convinced me, more and more, of the immense potential of product data technology. However I've always been astonished that application of PLM lags far behind its technical possibilities. Only in recent years have I begun to understand that PLM doesn't improve the work of individuals, like CAD systems do, but rather the process in which people cooperate in creating the product. For those who focus on their own work - as engineers tend to do - and have little awareness of the overall process in which they operate, PLM systems cannot seem very useful. Even among the Engineering Managers and CTOs I have met, surprisingly few consider Engineering as a process. That explains to me the ever-deepening gap between PLM possibilities and PLM application.

In the following columns, which were previously published in the Dutch-language magazine "De Constructeur", I plan to explain to the Engineering world the promises that PLM brings and how they can be realised. I hope to evoke some critical comments from PLM-practitioners, who are mostly, I realise, not engineers themselves. My approach is from the industrial engineering point of view, meaning that I focus on structuring processes around people and tools, rather than on the development of the tools.

From Paper to PLM
Product specifications used to be recorded in drawings in order to let Production know what to produce. The drawings were archived in vaults to protect them from fire and competitors - and that worked well. When CAD systems appeared, companies continued to archive the paper prints - and engineers kept the floppies, typically in a shoebox in a cabinet. However, for changes or reuse they needed to retrieve the proper floppy, which became increasingly difficult. This opened, in the late '80s, the market for early EDM systems. Soon it was realised that departments other than Engineering could also benefit from fast access to the CAD files, so in the early '90s the EDM systems were followed by PDM systems. By 2000, the PDM vendors had added so many functions to their PDM systems, that they needed a new term to distinguish their offer from what the customers already had. Out of a number of proposals, the term PLM survived, loaded with the ambition to surpass the borders between companies and to support not only design and manufacturing, but also operation, maintenance and recycling. However, it took some 5 years more before a clear consensus emerged about the real content of PLM.

Aim of PLM
The aim of PLM is more than just improving the communication between creators and users of product information. The real ambition is to enable a company to respond better to the actual needs of the customer. Since individual customers tend to have individual needs, the company has to create increasing product variety. Since the needs of a customer tend to change while using the product, the customer requires a service, possibly embodied in a physical product, which continuously keeps in balance with his evolving needs. This view of the world pictures PLM as a business approach centred around the question: how should I develop my competences in design, production and delivery, such that I can properly respond to new needs of my customers, with tailored products that, during their life, optimally serve the individual customer as well as Society as a whole.

In other words: PLM enables the transformation of product lifecycle processes, from conception to demolition, to such a level of flexibility and agility that they can continuously respond to real-time customer needs.

To be continued. Henk Jan Pels is Associate Professor, Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences, Information Systems, at the Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands. He can be contacted here.


Documents are in a Constant State of Change
by Scott Cleveland
You store your company's documents in a protected directory or maybe even SharePoint. Someone within your company wants a copy of one of those documents. They go to the storage location and download a copy. Are they in possession of the latest released document? How do they know? If they use the wrong document, what are the consequences?

My Thoughts....
Documents are in a constant state of change. Documents are created, changed and changed again until they are either deleted or archived. When a person downloads a copy, where does it exist within this process? How do they know? How can they find out?

If we are talking about engineering drawings, the consequences can be costly. Years ago, an aerospace company started with the wrong version of a drawing. By the time they figured out what had happened, they had incurred $250,000 in unnecessary costs.

If this doesn't bother you, studies have shown that engineers spend 25% of their time looking for information. If you have 10 engineers earning $80,000 per year, your company will be spending $200,000 annually for them to look for information. Document management vaults can dramatically reduce that cost and these vaults will always provide you with the latest released document [unless you request otherwise].

After surviving the recession, now is the time to embrace efficiency. Your documents exist within a process - now is the time to manage them that way.

Your Thoughts....

How does your company manage their documents within their process?


Scott Cleveland can be contacted on +1 408-464-6387


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3D Systems announced that it has acquired SYCODE. Details 


EMC Corp. reported results for the first quarter of 2011. First-quarter consolidated revenue was $4.6 billion. Details

Infotech Enterprises Limited announced FY 11 operating revenue of 1,188 crores (11,880.0 INR Million). Details



MSC Software Corp. announced that Ken Welch has been appointed to Vice President of Strategy and Product Management. Details 


aPriori announced that ThyssenKrupp Elevator has selected the aPriori Product Cost Management software platform. Details

Aras announced that SVAB Hydraulik AB has selected Aras. Details

Catalog Data Solutions announced that CUI, Inc. has selected its online CAD download solution. Details

CENIT announced that HANSA Metallwerke AG is introducing ENOVIA V6. Details

Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp. announced that Franck Muller chose SolidWorks solutions including SolidWorks Enterprise PDM. Details

EMC Corp. announced that Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute has deployed EMC Isilon scale-out NAS. Details

LMS announced that Tenneco acquired two LMS SCADAS Durability Recorders. Details

Visual 2000 International Inc. announced that SRG Apparel PLC selected Visual Details

Visual 2000 International Inc. announced that The Limited is set to begin implementation of the Visual product lifecycle management solution. Details 


Actify Inc. announced its next generation publishing platform called Centro. Details

Bentley Systems, Inc. announced products to support two-way interoperability with ISO 15926. Details

Bentley Systems, Inc. announced that AutoPLANT is available for 64-bit platforms. Details

CCE announced services and technology solutions for the Aras user base. Details

Cimatron Limited announced that the newest version of CimatronE will offer Background Calculations. Details

Cortona3D announced the release of Cortona3D RapidAuthor 6.0. Details

Dassault Systemes announced the release of the Abaqus WorldSID 50th percentile male dummy model from SIMULIA. Details

Dassault Systemes announced Isight 5.5. Details

ENGINEERING PLM Solutions announced the release of RuleDesigner Configurator 2011 and a new web site dedicated to product configuration. Details

InnovMetric Software announced the new PolyWorks/Talisman application running on iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad mobile computing devices. Details

LEDAS, Ltd. announced the release of RhinoWorks. Details

Mentor Graphics Corp. introduced the Eldo Premier tool. Details

Objet Geometries Ltd. announced three new advanced materials. Details

Omnify Software announced the next generation Empower PLM solution, version 5.0. Details

OptiTex announced OptiTex Version 11. Details

Oracle announced Oracle's AutoVue 20.1. Details

Siemens PLM Software announced that the community collaboration capabilities built into its Teamcenter software now support Microsoft SharePoint 2010. Details

Technia announced Engineering Optimizer. Details

TransMagic, Inc. announced the release of TransMagic R8 service pack 5. Details

VariCAD announced the release of VariCAD 2011-1.0. Details



Aras announced that Extensible CAD Technologies has joined the Aras Partner Program. Details

Autodesk, Inc. announced that several ADN members have released applications for AutoCAD 2012. Details

Autodesk, Inc. announced enhancements to the 2011 Autodesk Partner Program. Details

Extensible CAD Technologies announced CAD2M has joined the Extensible CAD Technologies Reseller Program. Details

 Product                         Lifecycle                         Management: Paradigm for 21st Century Product                         Realisation

Formtek, Inc. announced that it achieved Alfresco Recognized Partner Accreditation status. Details

Lightworks announced that Arc Technology integrated Lightworks rendering technology within the latest version of their ARC+ software. Details

Lightworks announced that the latest release of PlansXpress from HBXL is built on the Lightworks Artisan product and includes Lightworks rendering. Details

MSC Software Corp. announced the Registered Consultant Program. Details

Zuken announced that Alignex has joined its North American network of E3.WireWorks resellers. Details 


Alibre Inc. announced that the WIKISPEED SGT01 100 mpg car was designed with 3D software from Alibre. Details

Altair Engineering announced the official release of MindManager through the HWPA. Details

Autodesk, Inc. announced the availability of the AutoCAD WS mobile application on the Android platform. Details

Autodesk, Inc. announced that IT Power is using 3D design software from Autodesk, Inc. Details

AVEVA announced the opening of an office in Bogota, Colombia. Details

BigMachines, Inc. announced that it has been selected as a finalist for the 2011 CODiE Awards. Details

CNC Software, Inc., announced the opening of a Mastercam Software Development Center in Switzerland. Details

Delcam announced that it received its third Queen's Award for Enterprise in the International Trade category. Details

ESI Group announced its membership of the French software association AFDEL. Details

EskoArtwork announced it will highlight its packaging design lifecycle management solutions. Details

Eurostep announced that it has been recognised as a "Cool Vendor" in Product Design and Life Cycle Management, 2011 by analyst firm Gartner. Details

FISHER/UNITECH announced its acquisition of Roney Software for Manufacturing Inc.'s SolidWorks software business. Details

Gartner, Inc. announced that, by 2015, more than 50 percent of organisations that manage innovation processes will gamify those processes. Details

Gibbs and Associates announced a grant to Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. Details

IHS announcd that shipments of electronic products with embedded wireless local area networking technology will surpass one billion units for the first time ever in 2011. Details

IntegrityWare announced a bridge between Solids ++ and HOOPS 3D Framework. Details

Materialise NV announced the acquisition of Marcam Engineering GmbH. Details

Mentor Graphics Corp. announced that it received the Circuits Assembly Magazine NPI Award for the Valor vManage Materials Manager product. Details

ModuleWorks announced the 11th ModuleWorks newsletter, highlighting ModuleWorks 2011.4. Details

Omnify Software announced the relocation of its corporate headquarters to Tewksbury, MA. Details

Oracle announced it has added six new products to the Oracle Validated Integration program. Details

PROSTEP AG announced that the newly-formed 3D PDF Consortium announced that it will hold Tech Suite Briefings at COFES. Details

Siemens announced an in-kind software grant with a commercial value of US$71 million to the Higher Education Engineering Alliance Program (HEEAP). Details

SofTech announced the Hayward Tyler, Inc. ProductCenter PLM case study. Details

Stratasys announced it was named to Fast Company magazine's recently published Transportation Top 10 list. Details

Surfware, Inc. reported a 31% increase in sales growth for the 1st quarter of 2011 as compared to 2010. Details

The vdR Group, Inc. announced the launch of its new business unit, Alcove9. Details



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