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Global PLM Research - Easy Introduction for Industry
by Roger Tempest
The new Proposal for Support to establish a neutral PLM International Research Foundation has been circulated to all of the participating research institutions. The main PLM vendors have also been brought into the discussion.

The initiative also needs the involvement of forward-thinking industrial companies. The new research needs to be directed for the good of the manufacturing and product-related companies that will benefit from it.

As a starting point for this, we asked the participating universities to get in touch with their industrial contacts to give them an overview of what the initiative is trying to achieve. With over 40 academic institutions involved, this represents a potential coverage of up to 28 countries.

The Center for Building Competence in Product Lifecycle Management at KIIT University in India has been particularly proactive with this, and has created a very neat and concise 1-page introduction sheet that acts as a covering page for the Proposal. Their example has been edited into a template that any university can use to quickly inform their own industrial partners.

This means that any industrial company can have an easy introduction to the subject; and any academic institution can easily join in the PLM research debate together with the industrial companies it regularly works with.

To ensure that you are involved, you can obtain a copy of the template and the Proposal via

PLM Citations  
According to Google Scholar, as of October 14, Product Lifecycle Management: Paradigm for 21st Century Product Realisation, was the PLM publication most frequently cited in scientific journal articles, technical reports, books and theses.

In recent weeks it has been cited in:

  • Citation #469; 10 October 2014; S. Kubler et al.; A Standardized Approach to deal with Firewall and Mobility Policies in the IoT
  • Citation #468;  3 October 2014; S. Frolova; The Role of Advertising in Promoting a Product

A Standardized Approach to deal with Firewall and Mobility Policies in the IoT is published in Elsevier's Pervasive and Mobile Computing journal. The Internet of Things (IoT) is intended to provide a network where information flows could easily be set up between any kinds of products, devices, users and information systems in general. This vision is getting closer to reality due to the continuous development of new information system concepts and technologies. Nonetheless, this new reality requires special attention on particular aspects of the IoT such as security and mobility. First, people and companies want to secure their assets/data using firewalls, which inevitably leads to a challenging conflict between data security and usability. Second, products are becoming increasingly mobile, operating in environments where it can be difficult to contact them directly using their IP address (e.g., due to the presence of Network Address Translation - NAT - or to access restrictions). It might therefore be necessary in some IoT applications to enable two-way communications through any type of firewall, e.g., to enable real-time control and maintenance.

Quantum Lifecycle Management (QLM) messaging standards have been designed to provide generic and standardised application-level interfaces for the IoT that make it possible, among other things, to achieve such two-way communication. This paper, by S Kubler, K Främling and A Buda (Aalto University, Finland), provides a high-level description of QLM messaging standards with a particular focus on this QLM feature, along with proofs-of-concept through real-life implementations in building and automotive domains. Details


The Role of Advertising in Promoting a Product characterises the role of advertising in effective promotion, presents general characteristics of advertising and its mission and describes the basis of the organisation of promotional activities as well as how to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. A modern human being lives in a world governed by different brands of goods and services consumption which literally become a religion of our time. This ideology is created through various promotional techniques designed to convince us that if we consume certain products, our life will be better, happier and more successful. Nowadays everyone is influenced by advertising and we do not even realise how it affects us. The objective of this thesis by S. Frolova (Centria University of Applied Sciences, Finland) was to analyse the impact of advertising on consumer buying behavior. Another goal was to describe the effect of advertising on a product lifecycle and find out the right ways and methods of advertising and how to apply them at every stage of the product lifecycle. Moreover, some real-life examples are given in order to clarify the ideas. Details

Why PLMuERP is Free
by Roger Tempest
Historically, PLM and ERP have been regarded as different worlds that need to be stitched together somehow with a complex technical interface.

Then the PLMIG ran a workshop series that produced the PLMuERP Handbook, which should have introduced a more enlightened way of thinking. The solution was based on the concept that PLM and ERP form "a single product management system for the entire enterprise, that manages the data from its first inception right through the manufacturing and build to field service and support".

No longer were we talking about fixing a split between two computer platforms by using some kind of "interface sticking plaster". We would now work on the basis that everyone involved with PLM and ERP is part of the same team, striving for the common good, and working towards the same goals by following the same plans.

This new concept needed a name, and the workshop participants settled on: 'PLMuERP' - the Union of PLM and ERP.

However, old ideas are hard to change. A recent discussion on LinkedIn talked of "trench warfare" and "the struggle between business groups". This is old-fashioned PLM-ERP, and is not a good way forward.

One problem with PLMuERP is that it looks proprietary, as if it is owned by the PLMIG. The purpose of this article is to point out that it is not. It is almost true to say that the PLMIG "discovered" PLMuERP during its workshop series, because the concept was always there to be found.

The workshop series developed the PLMuERP Handbook, which contains a comprehensive methodology on the subject and is part of the PLMIG membership material. However, the concept of PLMuERP is free for everyone. Users should adopt it, vendors should relate to it, and consultancies should incorporate it into their own tools and advice.

The driver is that companies that stay with PLM-ERP will still be doing the same old PLM-ERP in 10 years' time. In contrast, companies that do PLMuERP will have created a single, comprehensive, enterprise-wide product lifecycle management system.


Roger Tempest is co-founder of the PLMIG. Membership of the PLMIG is available via

PLM in the Cloud?
by Scott Cleveland
Geoffrey Moore expressed some reasons to move to the Cloud. I will add some of my thoughts ....
  • Offload responsibility for investing in and maintaining computing infrastructure
  • Eliminate errors and downtime due to the virtually infinite variations in servers, storage and networks introduced via onsite
  • Avoid dealing with new software releases

Offload responsibility for investing in and maintaining computing infrastructure
The IT departments of many companies don't have enough hours in a day to perform all of their activities as it is. Adding another enterprise software solution creates new challenges. These challenges likely require the company to hire and train new people. As you might imagine, the odds of something falling through the cracks increase.

Since IT is in a perpetual state of overload, they may not be as cooperative as you would like. Offloading some of their required activities to a cloud provider can provide some needed relief.

Eliminate errors and downtime due to the virtually infinite variations in all things computing - including software releases
Cloud service companies typically guarantee some very high percentage of up-time. This kind of service is their business - their only business. They perform the mundane tasks that IT would rather not.

Political Considerations
A department manager is usually the driver for enterprise software solutions like PLM [product lifecycle management]. Often, IT will have their own idea for a solution and it will not match that of the department manager. Implementing in the Cloud is a way to avoid a confrontation that you'd rather avoid.

Not everyone is going to move to the Cloud. You need to make the best decision for your company. At some point in time, I suspect that companies will have some solutions hosted in the Cloud and some onsite. Let your requirements guide you to the right answer.

Contact me to learn more about PLM and see how it can help your company ....



Scott Cleveland can be contacted on +1 408-464-6387


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PLM News

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Covisint announced its spin-off from Compuware. Details

Siemens announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Camstar Systems, Inc. Camstar will become part of Siemens' product lifecycle management (PLM) business. Details



ANSYS announced that Northrop Grumman Corp. is using ANSYS system and software simulation solutions. Details

CDS announced that Buckeye Shapeform has implemented its Catalog as a Service and CAD as a Service website solutions. Details

Centric Software announced that BFGC has selected Centric Software to provide its product lifecycle management (PLM) software. Details


Engineering PLM Solutions announced that EagleBurgmann Germany chose RuleDesigner Configurator to automate mechanical seals customisation and to provide designers distributed worldwide with the necessary design guidelines. Details

Intergraph announced that SKEC implemented an Intergraph SmartPlant Enterprise solution. Details

McLaren Software announced that Colas Group has selected FusionLive. Details

NGC announced that Watters Designs, Inc. has selected NGC's PLM software. Details 


Aras announced Aras Component Engineering, connecting the IHS CAPS Universe Electronic Component Database to the Aras PLM platform. Details

BETA CAE System SA announced the release of v1.0.4 of SPDRM. Details

CONTACT Software announced, following certification by the SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC), release of its enhanced ERP standard interface for CIM Database PLM 10.1. Thanks to the changeover to the remote function call functionality of the SAP NetWeaver technology platform, the interface now also supports the bidirectional multilingual alignment of product data based on the use of Unicode. Details

Datakit announced V14.4 of the UG NX 3D to SolidWorks plug-in. Details

Delcam announced the 2015 version of its PowerSHAPE Pro CAD for CAM system. Details

EPLAN announced an expanded interface between EPLAN and Teamcenter. Details

Flow Science announced the release of FLOW-3D/MP v6. Details

Informative Graphics Corp. announced Brava! Enterprise 7.2 for SharePoint. Details

Kubotek USA announced KeyCreator 2015. Details

LimitState announced a new software application, LimitState:FIX, which automatically fixes 3D model files. Details

MathWorks announced that it introduced Release 2014b. Details

MSC Software Corp. announced SimManager 2014. Details

Siemens PLM Software announced NX 10. Details

SPRING Technologies announced NCSIMUL Player 9.2. Details

Tech Soft 3D announced the release of HOOPS Publish 2015. Details

Theorem Solutions announced CADverter 17.2 software for CATIA V5-V6R2014 (R24). Details

Theorem Solutions announced CADverter v17.2 for Siemens NX 9. Details

TraceParts announced the launch of the seventh major version of its website Details

TransMagic, Inc. announced the release of TransMagic R11. Details

Vero Software announced Radan 2015. Details



AVEVA and Capgemini announced a Global Alliance agreement. Details

Coastal Logic announced a partnership with Impararia. Details 

 Product                         Lifecycle                         Management: Paradigm for 21st Century Product                         Realisation

ModuleWorks announced a development partnership with AMC Bridge. Details

PTC announced that it has joined the Salesforce Analytics Cloud ecosystem. Details 


Dassault Systemes and Outscale announced that Outscale cloud received ISO/IEC 27001:2013 security certification from BSI Group. Details

Intergraph announced that ARC Advisory Group ranked Intergraph as the No. 1 overall engineering design solution provider for plant design based on revenues. Details

Lantek announced that it has been helping sheet metal companies operating in the retail shopfitting market. Details

Lectra announced that it won EY's 2014 International Company of the Year award. Details

Machines4sale announced going international. Details

Sopheon plc announced that the resolution to approve the proposed share consolidation was passed. Details

ZWCAD Design announced the use of ZWCAD+ by FME and Crucial Tech. Details



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