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John Stark Associates                                                                                                                               February 23, 2015 - Vol17 #3

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5 Actions to Shape the Future of PLM
by Roger Tempest
The PLM-IRF Launch Meeting in Brussels generated a whole range of new ideas for the advancement of PLM, and now that the resulting Overview Document has been completed and made available (see below), there are 5 Actions to be carried forward.

1.     Carry out a Global Industry Survey to establish the PLM Practioners' view of the future of manufacturing industry, and the advanced PLM that will be needed to support it.

2.     Hold a Launch Meeting in the USA to enable American companies to join in the discussion, and to review the results of the Survey.

3.     Set Up a Steering Group of forward-thinking PLM specialists to provide high-level guidance for the PLM-IRF initiative.

4.     Create a Vision and Roadmap for PLM 2025 so that the PLM industry has an agreed, coordinated view of where it is heading.

5.     Hold a PLM in 2025 Conference in Q3 so that users, vendors, advisors and researchers can present their future PLM scenarios.

These Actions have a high degree of synergy. The Survey adds an industial counterpoint to the Academic and Research Survey carried out in 2014 (see 2PLM August 06). When combined, the results will enable the PLM industry to discuss its future in a coherent and meaningful way.

This will happen in time for the USA meeting, which is in itself the first step to making the PLM-IRF involvement truly global. The host location has been offered, but there may need to be some form of sponsorship to enable it to happen, and this will be the first indication of where support for the advancement of PLM is going to be.

The formation of a Steering Group will enable some leading PLM minds to work together and influence this new direction. It may also provide a platform for PLM developers who have been working within their own companies to step forward and share their ideas with a wider audience.

Creating a Vision for PLM in 2025 is a natural consequence of the whole PLM-IRF concept. Before the PLM-IRF was envisaged, no-one realised that this was both needed and achievable. Now, we almost have a responsibility to ensure that it happens. And, if the Vision is created, it will be an excellent theme for a 1-day or 2-day conference. Speakers can show their most forward-thinking ideas, and delegates will see a whole new picture of what can be possible with PLM.

Far more ideas were generated in Brussels than there is space for here, and you can read about them all in the Overview Document that can be found on the PLM-IRF web site.

Participate in the PLM-IRF Survey into the Future of PLM
by John Stark
The PLM-IRF initiative aims to establish a central mechanism to support global research into the most advanced future capabilities of PLM.

In order to develop a coherent view of the future, the PLM-IRF is carrying out a "Global Survey into Industrial Expectations for the Future of PLM" that will run from 16 February to 13 March 2015.

The target for the Survey is to capture the views of as many PLM practitioners as possible about the new PLM capabilities that should exist by 2025.

Participation in the Survey is open to PLM users, vendors, service providers and consultants in all industries and all countries.

The Survey is made up of five questions. It should be possible to answer them in five minutes.

When completed, the Survey Results will embody a global viewpoint of PLM and of manufacturing in 10 years' time.

Everyone who returns a completed copy of the Survey within the timeframe will receive the Survey Summary document.

Please download a Survey Document here.

Completed Feedback Forms should be returned by 13 March to

PLM in the Here and Now
by Roger Tempest

As well as thinking about the PLM of the future, there is much to be done about the PLM of here and now.

Despite the experience that exists within many companies that are implementing PLM, conditions are almost always sub-optimal. PLM is under-resourced; or not fully-integrated with the business; or is not implemented consistently throughout the enterprise; or timescales are simply too rushed.

At present there is no body of professional best practice so that PLM Teams can be sure that they are performing at the top of their game. The way to build such a body of knowledge is to combine the best elements of many real implementations into a practical framework.

The aim of the PLMIG programme for 2015 is to generate this body of knowledge via ongoing interaction over the course of the year. Every PLM Team should be able to manage their enterprise-wide PLM according to acknowledged best practice, whatever their business environment and whatever PLM management structure they start with.

This will begin with the publication of a new version of the PLM Governance Standard in the next couple of weeks, followed by conversations with members about the most important areas to concentrate on to produce early results.

Roger Tempest is co-founder of the PLMIG. Membership of the PLMIG is available via


Engineering Change Orders & PLM
by Scott Cleveland
Years ago, when I first began selling PLM software, every company I spoke with complained about engineering change orders [ECO]. Their biggest complaint was that it took way too long to put through a change request.

At that time, all ECO's were paper based. They might have been called engineering change requests [ECR] or engineering change notices [ECN] or document change requests [DCR] or document change notices [DCN].

These paper based systems - using the term systems lightly - were difficult to manage, lacked visibility and could be error prone. The change request moved through the approval process serially. It would go from one person to the next while a document control person recorded the activity. At some point the change request would be discussed at a change control board [CCB] meeting - these meetings usually took place weekly adding more time to the approval time of any change request.

If the requestor wanted to see the status of their request, they would ask a document control person who would research the information. It was up to document control to make sure that the change request followed through each step in the process. They would make sure that the request was filled out correctly. They would check for typos. They performed a quality control kind of function.

Change Control with PLM
With a PLM solution in place, change requests are entered into a web-based user interface. There can be required fields and not required fields. There can be pulldowns that eliminate typos. When the requestor has completed the form and attached any information/drawings, they click 'send'. The request moves to the next person in the process. PLM software allows for serial or parallel activities.

The PLM solution moves the change request through the defined process. It makes sure that all of the steps are taken unless a manager issues an over-ride which is recorded. It manages the engineering change process.

At any point in time, a requester can see the status of their request. They can see whose desk it is currently on. They can see the history of the request [audit trail]. PLM software provides full visibility into the change process.

Impact of PLM
It has been my experience that PLM can shorten the average time it takes to put through a change request by an order of magnitude. As an example, one company I worked with averaged 45 days to turn around a change request. After PLM, they averaged less than a week and emergency requests could be turned around in an hour.

A PLM solution provides control and visibility into your change process that you can't get in a paper based 'system'.



Scott Cleveland can be contacted on +1 408-464-6387

Product Innovation (PI) Congress Düsseldorf  
Product Innovation (PI) Congress Düsseldorf is a two day event that brings together experts from engineering, manufacturing, R&D and IT to discuss best practices in technology sourcing, deployment, integration, maintenance and development, as well as how to build and align this to a sustainable, business-worthy strategy.

Taking place in Düsseldorf on 24th & 25th February, the conference programme is made up of innovative keynote sessions including Bernd Heinrichs, MD, IoE Innovation EMEAR at Cisco on 'Aligning People, Process & Data through the Internet of Everything', intimate focus groups and think tanks, and end user led case studies. The conference also provides a fantastic opportunity for networking through both the informal drinks receptions and pre-arranged one-to-one meetings, where you can discuss challenges and triumphs with 300 of your industry peers.

Programme Highlights Include:

  • The Development and Applications of Enterprise Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Systems : Yan Fu, Technical Head, Business Strategy and Engineering Optimization, Ford Motor Company
  • Focus Group - Understanding the Relationship between Industrie 4.0, 3D Mock-ups & Collaborative Engineering
  • Customised PLM - Design Data Infrastructure and Integration : Can Cangelir, Chief, Concurrent Engineering, TAI (Turkish Aerospace Industries)
  • Enhancing the Knowledge and Integration of PLM and PPM : Jeff Brittain, Executive Director, Bayer Health Care

Complete with its balanced series of technical case studies, strategic presentations and networking opportunities, PI Düsseldorf will equip you with the knowledge and necessary strategies, tools and technologies to support ongoing innovation and more robust operations.

"Several genuinely excellent talks and I had chance to network with people overcoming same challenges"
Senior Director, Product Innovation & Compliance, Beckton Dickenson speaking on PI Congress 2014

To view the full programme click here:
Register for just EUR 995 here:

PI Düsseldorf takes place on 24th & 25th February. Click here to register.

For more information please contact Maeve Sugrue at or alternatively call her on +44 (0) 207 442 2154 (quote 2-PLM 2015 to receive your preferential rate).



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MSC Software announced the acquisition of Simufact Engineering. Details

3D Systems announced that it has completed its acquisition of all shares of Cimatron Ltd. for approximately $97 million. Details



Rand Worldwide, Inc. announced total revenues of $22,415,000 for the quarter ended December 31, 2014. Details 


ITI announced the promotion of Tom Gregory to CEO. Details 


ANSYS, Inc. announced that TimkenSteel is using ANSYS simulation. Details

Centric Software announced that Ted Baker has selected Centric Software to provide its product lifecycle management (PLM) software. Details

CMstat announced that AeroVironment selected CMstat EPOCH DM. Details

Mentor Graphics Corp. announced that GWM has standardized on the Mentor Graphics Capital electrical design tools. Details

MSC Software Corp. announced that BBRI used Actran acoustic simulation software. Details

ZW3D announced that it has been selected by Technopakas. Details 


CCE announced an update of its Unified Interop for Parasolid (UIOp) libraries. Details

Dassault Systemes announced SOLIDWORKS Industrial Design. Details

Fujitsu announced a new version of PLEMIA Concurrent Design Manager. Details

Infor announced Infor Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Accelerate. Details

ITI TranscenData announced CADfix 10. Details

LEDAS Ltd. announced that LEDAS Geometry Comparison supports all major MCAD formats. Details

 Product                         Lifecycle                         Management: Paradigm for 21st Century Product                         Realisation

MecSoft Corp. announced VisualCAD/CAM/3DPRINT 2015. Details

Siemens PLM Software announced Version 64.0 of the 2D D-Cubed software components and Version 49.0 of the 3D D-Cubed software components. Details

Sopheon announced Accolade release 9.3. Details

TraceParts announced that it is offering industrial parts vendors new 3D marketing opportunities to increase their market share. Details

VariCAD announced VariCAD 2015-1.08. Details

VCollab announced tools to convert CAE data into interactive 3D PDF models. Details 


Datakit announced that LEDAS licensed the translation component from Datakit. Details 


Deloitte announced that Catherine Engelbert has been named chairman and chief executive officer of Deloitte & Touche LLP to lead its audit practice. Details

NEC Corp. announced the company-wide unification of development processes for IT and network products by implementing a product data management (PDM) system. Details



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