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Professional PLM [8]: Making it Happen
by Roger Tempest
This series of articles has covered the development of the Professional PLM concept, which could lead to the formation of a new "PLM Professional" organisation. There appear to be two ways of making this happen.

The first is a 'Top Down' approach, in which leading PLM companies come together and act for the good of the industry. This option seems to require altruism, which is always hard to find in business.

The second, favoured option takes a 'Bottom Up' approach. It starts by giving a key role to the PLM practitioners who want the benefits of more professionalism. In return for their support and direction-setting, they receive useful tools and material that help them with their PLM.

Let's assume that the Professional Body will be established in 2019. This means that all its parameters, terms of reference, officers, location etc. need to be fixed by the end of next year. Achieving this during 2018 will require the guidance of a Steering Group, and this requires altruism. It can be done, but the Initiative will need its own momentum first to attract potential Steering Group members.

This momentum should come from PLM practitioners, all around the world (so far, interest has been shown from 33 countries), who are fed up of working in a discipline that is unrecognised and undefined. The Professional PLM Initiative will redress this, producing immediately useful deliverables such as:-

  • Definition of PLM roles and skill sets. These will help with recruitment and retention of staff, help new managers move into PLM, and enable PLM Managers to move onwards to more senior roles in other disciplines.
  • Standard material for HR. HR departments will have clear definitions of how PLM roles fit into the wider organisation, at all levels from graduate entry to VP.

  • Development of criteria for certification of PLM skills and experience. Vendors and integrators will be able to demonstrate the calibre of their staff on client proposals.
  • Definition of outline PLM training curricula, leading to global consistency in PLM education and training.
  • Identification of KPIs for PLM activity, leading to the ability to prove good performance.

PLM practitioners will be able to participate in different ways.

For example, by subscribing to a Correspondence Package, PLM practitioners will be able to get the benefits of the deliverables as soon as they are produced - and can write back with feedback on changes they would like to see.

With the Associate Package, PLM practitioners will receive and make suggestions about the material while it is still at the draft stage, thus adding their input even earlier in the process.

With the first material due to be issued in October, the ramp-up by the end of the year will create a platform to hold Professional PLM Workshops in Q2 2018. Their results will feed back into the activities and deliverables, and by the end of 2018 the whole scope of 'Professional PLM' will be fully defined.


Roger Tempest is co-founder of the PLMIG. Full details can be found here, and feedback is welcome via profession@plmig.com.

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Google Scholar shows journal articles, technical reports, books and theses citing Product Lifecycle Management: Paradigm for 21st Century Product Realisation, the most popular PLM publication.

Citing publications referenced since the previous issue of 2PLM include:

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September "Basics of PLM" Online Course
The September 2017 session of the course started on Monday September 4 and will run until Tuesday October 31. (Note that students may join this session up to Friday September 15.)

This Cloud-based course, available anywhere, available 24/7, gives an introduction to PLM from a multidisciplinary business perspective. It aims to help people participate more fully in a company's PLM Initiative and other PLM activities.

In the standard version, the 40-hour course runs over 8 weeks. But it can be completed in less than 2 weeks, which is useful for fast ramp-up.

So far, most people taking the course are from PLM user companies, but there have been some participants from technology providers and service companies.


Risk Management after Hurricane Harvey
by Scott Cleveland
Having survived Hurricane Harvey, here are some thoughts on risk management. I have said this before; even cities like the City of Houston must deal with risk management.

Houston has a history of floods. I am sure they had a rainfall number to plan for. I don't know what that number was, but let's just say they were likely short in their estimate.

Potential Risks
What are the potential risks of excessive rain?

Here are a few:

  • Power outages
  • Water supplies turned off because of potential contamination
  • Flooded highways stopping traffic
  • Flooded rivers that will flood houses
  • Flooded rivers that can kill people
  • Buildings collapsing
  • Rescues by helicopter, boats, etc.
  • Inability to provide food and water to some/many
  • Inability to get food and water to stores
  • Inability to open stores
  • Policing
  • Gasoline shortages
  • Limited communications - cable outages, no phone service
  • Looting

I'm sure this list isn't complete, but you get the idea. When the City of Houston identifies their risks, the list must be exhaustive. 

Potential Costs
Each of the above risks has a cost associated with it. Costs could be life, property, law suits, dollars, etc. I am sure that the city assesses these risks periodically. I am sure that it is safe to say that they never expected the rainfall totals that we received from hurricane Harvey.

Harvey should be the catalyst to re-assess the impact [risk] of heavy rains on the City of Houston to come up with a workable plan to mitigate the risk.

Mitigation Plans
After identifying all of the risks and assessing the costs of each, the City of Houston will need to come up with a new plan for floods. Obviously, funding will be a component of the analysis. This plan will not be easy to create even if politics doesn't come into play. Hopefully, they have already started their assessment and they will come up with a good plan for the future.

Fortunately my premises suffered no water damage. But, because of Harvey, we had no internet/TV/phone for 10 days.

It made me think of some of the companies I've helped recently with ISO 9001 and PLM. ISO 9001:2015 highlights the importance of risk-based thinking. It's a valuable approach. And it should be part of the overall PLM solution.



Scott Cleveland can be contacted on +1 408-464-6387


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Aras announced a $40 million investment round led by Silver Lake Kraftwerk. Details

Siemens announced acquisition of TASS International. Details



Sopheon plc announced its unaudited half-yearly financial report for the six months ended 30 June 2017. Revenue was $12.5m. Details 


Centric Software, Inc announced that ASICS implemented Centric Software's Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution. Details

Hexagon PPM announced that Samsung Engineering Co., Ltd selected SmartPlant Foundation. Details

Lectra announced that De Rucci chose DesignConcept. Details

Siemens PLM Software announced that FOMAS Group selected Teamcenter. Details

Siemens PLM Software announced that Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. will deploy Teamcenter. Details

Sopheon plc announced use of Accolade by Leprino Foods Company. Details 


AMC Bridge announced Web Point Cloud Viewer. Details

CCE announced Explore 3D. Details

ModuleWorks announced ModuleWorks 2017.08. Details

Siemens PLM Software announced NX AM for HP Multi Jet Fusion. Details

Tech Soft 3D announced Service Pack 2 for HOOPS Exchange 2017. Details

Theorem Solutions announced V20.0 CADverter CATIA V5 <> ICEMSurf. Details

ZWSOFT announced ZWCAD 2018. Details



Dassault Systemes and Huawei announced a cooperation Memorandum of Understanding. Details

ModuleWorks announced that Huron chose ModuleWorks collision avoidance technology. Details

Theorem Solutions announced a partnership with Design Rule. Details



Centric Software, Inc announced that Bottega Veneta is using Centric Software's Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution. Details

CONTACT Software announced that it is supporting a project run by Tongji University and the German Academic Exchange Service. The Chinese-German College for Postgraduate Studies in Shanghai now has a CONTACT chair for product development. Details

CONTACT Software announced that, in 2017, Python tops the IEEE ranking of the most popular programming languages. Details

Dassault Systemes announced that Rimac Automobili is using the "Electro Mobility Accelerator" industry solution experience. Details

Materialise announced that it has partnered with Tailored Fits. Details

Moduleworks announced Moduleworks Newsletter Issue 30 - Summer 2017. Details



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