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Forming the Professional PLM Round Table
by Roger Tempest
If PLM is to become more professional, and is to be recognised as such, it will be a profound change for the industry as a whole. Such a fundamental change cannot be achieved without high-level support and guidance. A Steering Group of major PLM user and provider organisations is therefore needed.

Before the Steering Group can be formed, there needs to be a discussion process between the leading PLM exponents who might become its members. This will work as a 'Round Table' of leading, motivated PLM practitioners working together towards a consensus on the future scope and remit of the Steering Group during 2018.

These Round Table discussions are now starting, and a group of PLM practitioners from 10 countries have already agreed to take part. The Round Table is likely to continue until the end of January, by which time the scope, remit and composition of the Steering Group should have been agreed. 

Whilst being on the eventual Steering Group obviously entails a commitment, participation in the Round Table is without obligation. The only requirement is to contribute to a balanced, proactive and wide-ranging debate. The Round Table discussions are open to PLM practitioners from all types of organisation, and from any country. They are a chance to add your views to the vision for the long-term future of PLM.

You can see the details and find the datasheet on the PLMIG web site, and you can join the Round Table by request to round_table@plmig.com.


Roger Tempest is co-founder of the PLMIG


PLM Citations  
Google Scholar shows journal articles, technical reports, books and theses citing Product Lifecycle Management: Paradigm for 21st Century Product Realisation, the most popular PLM publication.

Citing publications referenced since the previous issue of 2PLM include:

  • M. Marra, C. Di Biccari, M. Lazoi, A. Corallo (Universita del Salento, Lecce, Italy); A Gap Analysis Methodology for Product Lifecycle Management Assessment Details
  • C. Scheubel (Technical University of Munich, Germany), P. Bierschneider, H. Gierse, R. Hermann, M. Wokusch (Siemens AG, Germany); Valuing Product Lifecycle Management Details
  • M. Holler, C. Dremel, M. Herterich, F. Uebernickel, W. Brenner (Universität St.Gallen, Switzerland); Product Lifecycle Management in the Corporate Setting of Multinationals - Challenges, Approaches to Solution and Recommendations for Action Details
  • A Camberos, R. Ramirez-Resendiz, N. Muñoz-Madrigal, O. Jiménez Arévaloa (Universidad Aeronautica en Querétaro, Mexico), D. Briseño-Urbina, (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Querétaro, Mexico); Adaptación de la filosofía PLM en la curricula de la carrera de Ingeniería en Diseño Mecánico Aeronáutico Details
  • A. Pfouga, J. Stjepandic (PROSTEP AG, Germany); Leveraging 3D Geometric Knowledge In The Product Lifecycle based on industrial standards Details
  • M. Rodriguez, I. Díaz, J. Bermejo, R. Sanz, C. Hernández (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain); Integral Management of Process Plants Systems through their Lifecycle using a Model-Based Engineering Approach Details
  • J. Rodriguez Estupiñan (EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland); Virtual Prototyping Methodology for Power Automation Cyber-Physical-Systems Details


  • C. Weskamp (Universität Paderborn, Germany); Ein integrierter Planungsansatz zur Ermittlung eines Produktportfolios und einer Supply Chain-Strategie unter Unsicherheiten Details
  • T. Kokkonen (University of Oulu, Finland); Business case sales planning concept for new products and product portfolio Details
  • M. Nematollahi (KTH, Stockholm, Sweden); Integrering av affärssystem med IT-system på fabriksgolvet - Kartläggning av behoven hos Danfoss Värmepumpar AB Details
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  • E. Mousavi Khaneghah, A. Salem (Shahed University, Tehran, Iran), N. Shadnoush (Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran) ; Artemis Time: A Mathematical Model to calculate Maximum acceptable waiting time in B2C E-commerce Details
  • C. Brecher, C. Ecker, W. Herfs, M. Obdenbusch, S. Jeschke, M. Hoffmann, T. Meisen (RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany); The Need of Dynamic and Adaptive Data Models for Cyber-Physical Production Systems Details


Seven Reasons to Take the "Basics of PLM" Course
The Geneva PLM Institute announced that the December 2017 session of the online "Basics of PLM" course will start on Monday 4 December 2017 and will run until Wednesday 31 January 2018.

7 reasons to take the course:

  • quickly ramp up your knowledge and understanding of PLM and PLM projects, adding value to your PLM project sooner
  • expand your understanding of what really happens in PLM projects

  • benefit from Instructor experience, gained in over one hundred PLM projects, of what's important in a company's PLM project, what works, what doesn't
  • benefit from lessons learned, success factors and pitfalls
  • see ways to benefit your PLM project
  • discuss Course contents and other issues online with the Course Instructor
  • get answers to your questions about the basics of PLM

Process & ISO 9001
by Scott Cleveland
Processes [procedures] are a key component of ISO compliance.

To be ISO compliant, you need to be able to tell the auditor how you do business. Your procedures describe how you do business. You need to be able to show that you follow those procedures. You will need to show specific documentation and appropriate signatures.

ISO 9001 identifies about 40 procedures that need to be followed. They don't define the procedures, you do. I would recommend that if you need others for your business, document them as well.

A definition might be - Procedures at every stage consume one or more resources [employee time, energy, machines or money] to convert inputs [data, material, parts, etc.] into outputs. These outputs serve as inputs for the next step until an end result is reached.

Inputs will always include information [data]. An employee will use the information to perform their task and as a result of performing that task, they will generate or extend that information. That output [data] becomes the input for the next step.

Control is Critical
Procedures are what give a company control over their activities. Procedures identify the steps that must be followed. It allows a company to measure the process and come up improvements to save time, money and increase quality.

ISO auditors will need to see those procedures. They will need to see evidence that your company follows those procedures. They will need to see who approved the completion of an activity. They will need to see documentation - the inputs and outputs of activities. They must be able to see document histories - how did the document arrive at its current state.

ISO is about Quality
ISO is about quality. Procedures and control of those procedures have proven to be good way to manage quality. If an activity is performed the same way every time, you can measure it and potentially improve it.

If your company plans on taking on ISO 9001 compliance, it is a great idea to cultivate a culture of compliance.

Contact me if you would like to explore this further ....



Scott Cleveland can be contacted on +1 408-464-6387




PLM News

sponsored by:   



Accruent announced that it has acquired BlueCielo. Details

IGE+XAO announced a memorandum of understanding, pursuant to which Schneider Electric Industries SAS will file with the AMF a voluntary public tender offer for the shares of IGE+XAO. Details

Siemens announced that it entered into an agreement to acquire Saskatoon, Canada-based Solido Design Automation Inc. Details



ESI Group announced Q3 2017 sales of €24.9 million. Details

Stratasys Ltd. announced financial results for the third quarter of 2017. Revenue for the third quarter of 2017 was $155.9 million. Details



Cadence Design Systems, Inc. announced that Anirudh Devgan has been appointed president of Cadence. Details 


Aras announced that the Japan Steel Works, Ltd. selected the Aras Innovator platform to improve product data management. Details

Centric Software, Inc announced the signing of SMCP. Details

Dassault Systemes announced that the 3DEXPERIENCE platform was chosen by Blutec Srl. Details

Lectra announced that Jinfa Labi chose Lectra Fashion PLM 4.0. Details

Lectra announced that Armor-Lux chose Lectra Fashion PLM 4.0. Details 


CCE announced updates for EnSuite. Details

Centric Software announced Centric 8 PLM version 6.2. Details

Kisters announced version 2017.1 of its 3DViewStation Desktop. Details

Siemens announced Advanced Machine Engineering. Details



Dassault Systemes announced that BRM Aero is using the "Engineered to Fly" industry solution experience. Details

Dassault Systemes announced that I&C Energo is deploying Dassault Systemes' "Capital Facilities Information Excellence" industry solution experience. Details

Eurostep announced that it was listed in 30 Most Innovative Companies 2017 by CIO Bulletin. Details

John Stark Associates announced that in Q3 2017 Google Scholar added 31 journal articles, technical reports, books and theses citing Product Lifecycle Management: Paradigm for 21st Century Product Realisation. This compares to addition of 30 in Q3 2016. The total for the first nine months of 2017 was 104, compared to 99 in the first nine months of 2016, and 86 in the first nine months of 2015. Details

PTC announced that students in fashion design management will be able to use FlexPLM as part of research and coursework offered by the Department of Fiber Science & Apparel Design at Cornell University. Details

Sopheon announced use of Accolade by Certis Europe. Details



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