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John Stark Associates                                                                                                                              July 17, 2017 - Vol19 #6

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Professional PLM [4]: Join the Steering Group
by Roger Tempest
The concept of a Professional PLM Initiative has been developing since the beginning of June.

In that time we have discussed the various ways in which professionalism could apply; developed the working premise for Professional PLM; set out the benefits for individuals and companies; and looked at the best way for the industry to move forward.

Behind the scenes we have also developed a first draft of the PLM Syllabus that professional PLM Managers might follow. This turns out to be significantly more wide-reaching and comprehensive than any of the current training courses that are available.

The Initiative will need guidance about many contentious issues. At the detailed level, for example, should CAD be part of PLM Certification for every single practitioner (even if he or she works in a non-CAD industry)? If CAD is necessary, how about ALM, and so on? And, at the highest level, will there will be a single level of competence for everyone, or will there be grades (such as Beginner, Apprentice, Practitioner, Expert)? These questions may look simple, but may not be easy to resolve.

If it is to succeed into the long-term future, the Initiative will also need some heavyweight backing, from leading companies and corporations that are far-sighted enough to see how the industry should change, and proactive enough to make that change happen.

In short, the Professional PLM Initiative needs a Steering Group.

At the moment, the parameters of the Steering Group remain to be decided by those who will take part in it, but there is a Datasheet that provides an overview of how it is planned to work.

Being on the Steering Group enables you to influence this initiative at an early stage to maximise benefits for your company. As a key player in the initiative, you will be able to get its results more closely tailored to your company's exact needs. Other benefits include:-
  • Enable your company to get benefits from the initiative as soon as possible, by being on the inside track;
  • Demonstrate your role as a leader of the PLM community;
  • Create connections with other PLM thought leaders;
  • Meet and work on this key PLM subject with people from other companies facing similar issues to yours; and,
  • Identify further opportunities to make or save money for your company.

Steering Group membership will also include free places at the European and North American workshops, and an on-site visit to each member company to take on board its detailed needs.

For companies that view PLM as part of their success, this is a chance to actively shape the future of PLM and to ensure that the the world of PLM in 5 years' or 10 years' time will be better than it is today.


Roger Tempest is co-founder of the PLMIG. Feedback is welcome via profession@plmig.com. 

Professional PLM [5]: The Benefits
by John Stark
In this series of articles, Roger Tempest has described a project to make progress towards making PLM a recognised profession.

Such a project looks a good idea to me. And necessary.

These days, I see many people leaving PLM as they see no future in it. They see no clear career path if they stay with their companies - which have no way of recognising PLM skills and experience. Their HR departments haven't even defined PLM roles and job titles.

And the PLM situation with potential future employers is often no better. So it's difficult for people, however experienced, to demonstrate PLM expertise to potential employers. Often, these also haven't defined PLM roles and job titles, and may not even have worked out how to meaningfully evaluate candidates for PLM positions.

In other areas, as experience grows and the Body of Knowledge increases, it's not unusual for some kind of professional status to emerge. This can offer many benefits.

For individual potential professionals, the benefits include:-

  • Recognition of their role as a PLM professional in their company, and as an important member of the business;
  • Possibility to see a career path in PLM, to be promoted up the career ladder, and to improve career longevity;
  • Ability to continue professional development and identify an individual PLM learning path;
  • Possibility to achieve PLM certification
  • Ability to demonstrate experience and skills at appraisal time;
  • Easier to be hired into a PLM role in a new company; and,
  • Benefiting from being part of an acknowledged trusted community of good practice.


For companies applying PLM, a key benefit will be to have a better understanding of the PLM skills and experience of operational and senior managers. Applying this to use them more effectively in PLM activities will save time and money.

It will be easier for HR to write PLM-related job descriptions, to set PLM competence levels, and to create PLM training paths for each PLM professional.

The company will save time and money when hiring people for PLM roles; and be able to judge better the capabilities and competence of the consultants proposed for their PLM projects.

Overall, it will be easier to keep good PLM people in the company, as they will be able to see a future role in PLM. This will reduce turnover of skilled staff and, in turn, raise the standard of future PLM projects by raising the calibre of the staff who work in them.

Those working in areas such as ERP, Project Management and Product Management can benefit from their professional organisations. Isn't it time that those working in PLM had similar opportunities?


PLM Citations
Google Scholar shows journal articles, technical reports, books and theses citing Product Lifecycle Management: Paradigm for 21st Century Product Realisation, the most popular PLM publication.

Citing publications referenced since the previous issue of 2PLM include:

  • S. Sahara (Universitas Muhammadiyah Cirebon, Indonesia); Peran Inovation Relation Behavior dalam Memperkuat Hubungan Psychological Empowerment dan Affective Commitment Employee pada Customer Satisfaction Details
  • G. de Medeiros, T. Florindo (Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil), E. Binotto (Universidade Federal da Grande Dourados, Brazil); Sustainability at the organizational level: a conceptual model for the development of new products Details

  • Z. Vasic, S. Maksimovic, D. Georgijevic (Military Technical Institute, Belgrade, Serbia); Applied Integrated Design in Composite UAV Development Details
  • N-A. Dumitrascu, A. Dinca (ADA Computers, Bucharest, Romania), N. Predincea (Universitatea Politehnica din Bucuresti, Romania); Virtual commissioning of a robotic cell using Tecnomatix process simulate Details


"Basics of PLM" Online Course  
The May 2017 session of the online Basics of PLM course (details), which started on May 15, has ended. Feedback and experience are now being reviewed with a view to including potential improvements in future sessions.

Meanwhile the July 2017 session of the course, which started on Monday July 3, will run until Wednesday August 30.

"Basics of PLM" is the first module in the PLM Institute's online modular training program.

The eight parts of the "Basics of PLM" course run on a weekly basis, allowing students to complete the course in about 2 months. The total student involvement for the course is about 35 hours.  

"Basics of PLM" gives a general introduction to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) from a multidisciplinary business perspective. It covers all the main components of PLM, and will help those working with PLM in a company to understand the basics of PLM and why it's so important. Its objective is to allow them to participate more fully in a company's PLM Initiative and other PLM activities.  

Process Management Tips
by Scott Cleveland
Process management is a big part of ISO 9001-2015 compliance.

When companies take on business process management, the focus tends to be on process redesign.

Process Redesign
One of the biggest obstacles to large projects like process management is managing change. A large portion of workers hate change. It is much easier to get everyone on board with a solution that resembles their current work environment.

My advice is to work with your user community to document the current process and then make minor improvements - improvements that they can accept. Start using this improved process and then make more improvements from there.

Implementation of new processes may be more difficult than making improvements to existing processes. Your objective is to get your user community to not only accept the changed process, but to embrace those changes. 

User community involvement will minimize the impact of the changes. They will be more accepting when their ideas have been heard and their input had an impact on the finished process.

Change is Constant
Your worker community should be empowered to look for ways to continually improve the processes that they are involved in. It is in your company's best interest to make process improvements a part of your ISO 9001 culture.

It can be useful to enlist help from someone that has done this before. Contact me if you would like some help ....


Scott Cleveland can be contacted on +1 408-464-6387



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ANSYS announced that it acquired Computational Engineering International, Inc. Details

CENIT AG announced conclusion of the acquisition of KEONYS S.A.S. Details



Centric Software announced that Sonae Sports & Fashion selected Centric Software to provide its product lifecycle management (PLM) solution. Details

Gerber Technology announced that Chevalier implemented YuniquePLM Cloud. Details



Elysium announced CADdoctor for NX Ver3.0. Details

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence announced PC-DMIS 2017 R2. Details

PDM Technology Group announced CAD/ERP LINK. Details

Sopheon announced Accolade 11.2. Details

Spatial Corp announced a universal 3D modeling web viewer. Details

Zuken announced CR-8000 2017. Details 


The Altair Partner Alliance (APA) announced addition of Phoenix Integration's ModelCenter to its software offering. Details

CONTACT Software announced a partnership with Neilsoft. Details

Eurostep and Hummingbird Innovations announced that they have entered into a partnership. Details

Siemens PLM Software announced that it exceeded 1,000 global channel sales partners. Details

Siemens PLM Software announced that CRN recognized Siemens PLM Software with a 5-Star rating in its 2017 Partner Program Guide. Details

TraceParts announced a partnership with Premier Farnell. Details



AVEVA Group plc announced a trading update. Details

CONTACT Software announced that more than 250 visitors came together at the two-day user conference Open World 2017. For CONTACT, PLM is the starting point for smart products and the corresponding digital business models. "PLM is more important than ever," stated Managing Director Karl Heinz Zachries. Details

The Institute of Configuration Management announced that CMPRO became the first CMII licensed PLM solution provider to achieve the full five-star rating of the CMII Five Star Certification as defined in CMII-600. Details

Kalypso announced that it achieved the Cloud Select designation within the OPN Cloud Program. Details

Modelon announced the opening of Modelon Engineering Private Limited in Tiruchirappalli, India. Details

PTC and L&T Technology Services Limited announced a CoE focused on Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) innovation in Bangalore, India. Details

PTC and Tech Mahindra announced the opening of an Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) Center of Excellence at Tech Mahindra's headquarters in Bangalore, India. Details

Simon Fraser University and Siemens Canada announced a partnership. Details

Tacton Systems announced the acquisition of Ventacor GmbH. Details

ZW3D announced that it was chosen by HOWWEIH Technology (Huizhou) CO., LTD. Details



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