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Phil Spiby, Eurostep, wins 2010 Brian K. Martin Technical Excellence Award

Phil Spiby of Eurostep, LTD is this year’s recipient of the Brian K. Martin Technical Excellence Award.

Phil Spiby has been a key contributor to the PDES, Inc. team for AP233 Systems Engineering for the past several years. He has also made significant technical contributions the EXPRESS language and STEP standard for nearly two decades.

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Phil Spiby Eurostep receives INCOSE award for AP233

The INCOSE Working Group Award for Collaboration was presented to the Model Driven System Design WG (MDSD WG) Co-Chairs: Phil Spiby from Eurostep and Roger Burkhart from John Deere.

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Standards for Quantum Lifecycle Management

Learn more about standards for Quantum Lifecycle Management (QLM) and the QLM Consortium forming under The Open Group to develop standards for common information exchange technologies to embrace Product Lifecycle Management and other lifecycles including healthcare, supply chain and lo

Standards - Making standards work® with The Open Group

Contribution to standards was a major objective of the EU PROMISE project and a number of former project partners have been determined to further the development and acceptance of the initial architecture and interfaces developed during the project in collaboration with other similarly motivated organizations. 

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What has the “Internet of Things” to do with PLM and PLM standards?

Probably more than you think! The Internet of Things is not something that exists in isolation, though some things you read would lead you to believe that it does! In reality it is inseparably linked with PLM and CL2M and a whole host of existing information systems.

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PLM as you knew it is about to change - STANDARDS

PLM as you knew it is about to change and reach new dimensions. Gone are the days where series of products were identified only through serial numbers stamped or printed on the chassis at the end of the production line.


Today, the concepts of “Item Attendant ICT” and “the Internet of Things” are beginning to become reality. Items are becoming networked and able to communicate information about and from themselves to other objects and to other computer systems.

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