Project Name: 
OPAK – Optimized Packing Logistics in the Lifecycle Economy
Project Summary: 

OPAK (OPtimized PAcKing logistics in the life cycle economy) was a project with a focus on the optimisation of the redistribution of plastic materials for recycling processes. With the RFID-system technology and the optimisation of available technological infrastructures, it was planned to improve the logistic process units of those materials. In the course of the project a research demonstrator providing identification and positioning of packing items was built with the aim of generating experiences with RFID-systems in real-life situations. During the project, a method for tracking and tracing with RFID as the corner stone technology for both identification and positioning was developed.

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PhD Studentship at Cambridge University

Several PhD studentships under the supervision of Prof. Duncan McFarlane or Dr Ajith Parlikad.

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Project Name: 
Identity-Based Tracking and Web Services for SMEs
Project Summary: 

The consortium working in the TraSer project is developing, testing, and documenting innovative open-source tracing and tracking solutions for products and product data of companies involved in changing networks.

Project development period: June 2006-May 2009. 

Radio-frequency Identification

RFID is one of many forms of identification or AIDC and as such also one of many PEID technologies. 

People working on this site already know what RFID is.

There is a huge amount of information available on RFID and it is not intended to repeat it here.

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