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PhD Studentship at Cranfield University

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PhD studentship - Enterprise capabilities and Lifecycle practices for satisfying urgent and rapidly changing requirements

Application deadline:

31 July 2009

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PhD Studentship in PLM

PhD student position in product lifecycle management (PLM)

Reference number 2009/63


Project Name: 
Identity-Based Tracking and Web Services for SMEs
Project Summary: 

The consortium working in the TraSer project is developing, testing, and documenting innovative open-source tracing and tracking solutions for products and product data of companies involved in changing networks.

Project development period: June 2006-May 2009. 


Project Name: 
Product Lifecycle Management and Information Tracking Using Smart Embedded Systems
Project Summary: 

PROMISE-PLM focuses on gathering, processing and delivering relevant product information during the complete lifecycle of the product, addressing existing gaps in the information flow and creating better understanding of total life cycle events and the total costs of products over the lifecycle.

The breakthrough contribution of PROMISE-PLM is to allow information flow management to go beyond organisational barriers, securely. It effectively closes the product lifecycle information loops using the latest ICT (Information and Communication Technology), and seamlessly transforms that information into knowledge.

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