PROMISE Data Services

PROMISE Data Services is the name given to the middleware component of the PROMISE architecture that connects together the different systems in a PROMISE infrastructure, and provides the means for communicating and gathering lifecycle data.

PROMISE Messaging Interface

The PROMISE architecture identifies the PROMISE Messaging Interface (PMI) as the solution to the requirement for a generalized interface. Thus, the PROMISE Messaging Interface (PMI) is the common communication interface between the different components in the PROMISE architecture.


Middle of Life (MOL)

In product lifecycle management terms, MOL stands for the Middle Of Life, in contrast to the BOL (Beginning of Life) and the EOL (End of Life).


PROMISE origins

PROMISE was started in 2004 as a €14m European Union funded FP6 project comprising a consortium of 22 commercial and academic partners (PROMISE Consortium). The Project ended in May 2008 when it was officially acclaimed by the European Commission as an example of a successful IST project.

The mnemonic PROMISE was derived from PROduct lifecycle Management and Information tracking using Smart Embedded systems.


Today, the concepts of “Item Attendant ICT” and “the Internet of Things” are beginning to become reality. Items are becoming networked and able to communicate information about and from themselves to other objects and to other computer systems.


PEID is short for Product Embedded Information Device. Some prefer to call it a PROMISE Embedded Information Device. It is an example of an Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) device.

It can be pronounced either as it is spelled in individual letters P E I D (which is quite a mouthful) or more simply as the English word 'pied'.

BOL Beginning of Life

In product lifecycle management terms, BOL stands for the Beginning Of Life, in contrast to the MOL (Middle of Life) and the EOL (End of Life).

In Logistics, the BOL is the Bill of Lading and it should also not be confused with abiogenesis which is the study of how life emerged.

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