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Closing the information loops across all phases of all kinds of lifecycles

CL2M has a particular significance for the future of PLM, but it also has ramifications for all kinds of lifecycles inherent in supply chains, pedigree and traceability of food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, high-value retail, and health care applications; and when you look closely you can see a whole spectrum of interdependencies in the information needs of these different disciplines. Click here if you did not already read my full article.


Project Name: 
Product Lifecycle Management and Information Tracking Using Smart Embedded Systems
Project Summary: 

PROMISE-PLM focuses on gathering, processing and delivering relevant product information during the complete lifecycle of the product, addressing existing gaps in the information flow and creating better understanding of total life cycle events and the total costs of products over the lifecycle.

The breakthrough contribution of PROMISE-PLM is to allow information flow management to go beyond organisational barriers, securely. It effectively closes the product lifecycle information loops using the latest ICT (Information and Communication Technology), and seamlessly transforms that information into knowledge.

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What has the “Internet of Things” to do with PLM and PLM standards?

Probably more than you think! The Internet of Things is not something that exists in isolation, though some things you read would lead you to believe that it does! In reality it is inseparably linked with PLM and CL2M and a whole host of existing information systems.

PROMISE Decision Support System

The PROMISE DSS utilises data from the PDKM in order to make decisions related to an individual entity’s, or series of entities’ different life cycle phases: beginning, middle and end-of-life. The result of each decision may also be fed back into the PDKM to enhance the knowledge about any single instance, group of instances or an entire series.

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PLM as you knew it is about to change - STANDARDS

PLM as you knew it is about to change and reach new dimensions. Gone are the days where series of products were identified only through serial numbers stamped or printed on the chassis at the end of the production line.


The PROMISE PDKM is an extremely important component of a PROMISE application. Its purpose is to systematically integrate and manage data from all lifecycle phases, creating knowledge from information.

Case Studies

The case studies provided below found their origin in the PROMISE project:

Each provides insight into the challenges of the enterprise and technical achievements under the following headings. 

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