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Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Have you ever wondered what really happened to a product once it left your hands? Maybe until now such detail has been of little interest. But things are changing, and Closed Loop Lifecycle Management (CL2M) provides the means to address future challenges and opportunities.

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Technology is an Enabler, Information a Resource, but Knowledge is the Prize

The systematic transformation of lifecycle information into knowledge enables exciting new business opportunities that can assure competitive advantage, achieve sustainability and environmental targets, create new service opportunities and help to meet regulatory compliance. CL2M using PROMISE technologies and methodologies is the key.

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Linking the Phases, Closing the Loops

CL2M and PROMISE-enabled technologies herald a new era of PLM, and Lifecycle Management in general, by creating compelling new business, application and services opportunities especially in the middle of life (MOL) and end of life (EOL) lifecycle phases.

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Overcoming “islands of information”

The PROMISE project demonstrators taught us that each one of them included many already existing “islands of information” such as ERP systems, warehouse management systems (WMS), process control systems, field databases, sensors, and of course, at beginning of life (BOL), the “traditional” PLM applications.
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