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PLM-ERP Role-play

The evolution of the system functionality in modern ERP and PLM systems has brought up a lot of new possibilities for information management and for process automation.

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A PLM case study - Creating aftermarket value for telecom equipment manufacturer

The case company is an international electronics manufacturer. Its products are sold and delivered to global markets. The products consist essentially of standard electronic components, mechanical parts and pieces of software. There is some configurability and scalability in the mechanical and electronic assemblies; however most of the product variation is done in the software side.


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Corporation level PLM problems and some solutions as well

Large corporations are all but homogenous what comes to their ways to operate, processes and culture. Companies have evolved through organic growth, business acquisitions, strategic investments and expansion to new markets. In practice this means that a corporation usually consists of number of business areas, geographical areas (or sites) and product areas.

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PLM in service business

In the globalized markets pure volume manufacturing is moving more and more towards east – to China, India and other Asian countries. The trend in the Western world has been already for number of years more towards high value adding services.
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PLM Life really is too short

David you are correct (see David's article) - Life really is too short in the current PLM software solutions! I have been wondering the same thing for a long time. To my understanding there a couple of reasons for this limited or shortened view to product life.

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