Device Interoperability Layer

The PROMISE Device Interoperability Layer provides the mechanism by which devices can be automatically discovered by the PROMISE Data Services (middleware) layer.

Application Specific PEID

The Application Specific PEID extends the PROMISE Core PEID by a PEID-specific interface. Access to data is not limited to key-content compositions, but the Application Specific PEID may provide a semantic method interface to read or write portions of the content of the PEID.


The PROMISE Core PAC (Core PEID Access Container) is a functional representation of a collection of PROMISE Core PEIDs. The Core PAC provides networking functionality to communicate with the backend via the PROMISE Data Services (middleware) layer.


The PROMISE Core PEID is an identification, data collection and storage system that is, at least partially, attached to a product to provide lifecycle monitoring and management. Note that the Core PEID does not provide information to the backend directly.


Five PEID groups have been defined, which include all PEID types which can be found in the PROMISE demonstrators, and will be just as applicable to other future application scenarios. The evolution of these groups is described below. The five groups are defined as follows:

Type 0 PEID: Identifier-only PEID.


PEID is short for Product Embedded Information Device. Some prefer to call it a PROMISE Embedded Information Device. It is an example of an Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) device.

It can be pronounced either as it is spelled in individual letters P E I D (which is quite a mouthful) or more simply as the English word 'pied'.

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