internet of things

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Standards for Quantum Lifecycle Management

Learn more about standards for Quantum Lifecycle Management (QLM) and the QLM Consortium forming under The Open Group to develop standards for common information exchange technologies to embrace Product Lifecycle Management and other lifecycles including healthcare, supply chain and lo


ID@URI was initially devised by the DIALOG research project of the Helsinki University of Technology as a universal identifier format for identifying and linking tangible objects ("things") to their information sources on the Internet (the "Internet of Things").

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"I like to keep myself to myself"

Our privacy is very important to most of us, even to the most high-profile celebrities. Social networking on the Internet has greatly magnified the risk of people unwittingly disclosing personal details on an unparalleled scale. The opportunity for misuse of personal information has therefore also greatly increased.

Intelligent Products

Several propositions for how to define and classify intelligent products have been made in the past. This definition is based on the survey article on Intelligent Products by Meyer et al. (2009).

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What has the “Internet of Things” to do with PLM and PLM standards?

Probably more than you think! The Internet of Things is not something that exists in isolation, though some things you read would lead you to believe that it does! In reality it is inseparably linked with PLM and CL2M and a whole host of existing information systems.

Internet of Things

The internet has already made a fundamental impact on people, business and all other kinds of organisations throughout the industrialised world, and now they are captivated by the extension of easy internet access from mobile devices such as mobile phones and PDAs.

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