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The Open Group publishes White Paper on Quantum Lifecycle Management (QLM)

An Introduction to Quantum Lifecycle Management (QLM)

Maximizing business value through whole-of-life lifecycle management

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First Published Book About UDEF

I want to share the news that I co-authored the first published book about the UDEF. The title is "UDEF – Six Steps to Cost Effective Data Integration" and it is available for purchase at

Using the UDEF : Concept of Operation

This concept of operation for the Universal Data Element Framework (UDEF) applies to any organization that has the requirement to exchange data between applications, whether internal or external to the organization, and that cannot be adequately satisfied by an existing data standard.

The Universal Data Element Framework

The Universal Data Element Framework (UDEF) is a framework for describing data to enable interoperability. Enterprise and standard specialist vocabularies can be related to each other within the UDEF. A particular feature is support for equivalent vocabularies in different languages. It is easy to use, and its definitions are readily available on-line.

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The Open Group announces the formation of its Quantum Lifecycle Management (QLM) Work Group

The Open Group is pleased to announce the formation of its Quantum Lifecycle Management (QLM) Work Group.  Many of you may have attended the Webinar on QLM back in February as we had a high degree of participation and interest.
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Quantum Lifecycle Management (QLM) Consortium Meeting

Rome, Tuesday April 27, 2.00 - 5.30 pm

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Standards for Quantum Lifecycle Management

Learn more about standards for Quantum Lifecycle Management (QLM) and the QLM Consortium forming under The Open Group to develop standards for common information exchange technologies to embrace Product Lifecycle Management and other lifecycles including healthcare, supply chain and lo


Today, the concepts of “Item Attendant ICT” and “the Internet of Things” are beginning to become reality. Items are becoming networked and able to communicate information about and from themselves to other objects and to other computer systems.

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