DATASENSOR SpA, belonging to the DATALOGIC Group (DATALOGIC AUTOMATION), is a leader in the development, production and commercialisation of photoelectric devices for detection, safety, measurement and inspection in industrial automation. Thanks to its innovative product and process technologies, the company can boast international recognitions as well as partnerships with the main companies operating in the industrial automation world.

Opto 22


We make automation simple. We’ve got reliable hardware and software for your industrial automation, remote monitoring, and data acquisition applications.

Prisma Electronics SA


Prisma Electronics mission is to promote and support the right and effective use of new technologies in the field of electronics, information and communication technology.
We have set up a modern technological environment, where technology and know how are the dominant elements, creating the preconditions to develop and support any type of high tech application.
The company has the technology, the knowhow, the infrastructure and the experience to provide timely and reliable support.

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