process management

First Trace, Inc.


First Trace is a leading provider of document management and process management software solutions exclusively for the Engineering Enterprise. First Trace has developed the KinnosaONE product family as the next step in the evolution of document management. KinnosaONE is the only suite of products that leverages existing technology investments, integrates with complex CAD tools and office applications for immediate recognition of ROI across the enterprise. First Trace has customers worldwide across a range of industries, which include some of the largest industry players such as Ford Motor Company, Bombardier Aerospace, Mittal Steel, Georgia-Pacific, New York State Electric & Gas, and Ineos Chemicals. To learn about First Trace and the KinnosaONE product family, visit or call +1 480.940.2393.

Ingenuus Software Inc.


Ingenuus provides robust and configurable software along with services and education that empower you to manage and optimize your business processes. Beyond BPM you can also manage documents and bills of materials.

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