The vdR Group


We are a software development company focused on integration technologies and solutions for engineering and manufacturing environments. We architect, design and develop while our selected partners conduct the actual marketing and selling.

After doing this for a couple of decades, we've gotten really good at working with such applications as CAD, electronic content management (ECM), and product data/product lifecycle management (PDM/PLM) solutions.

We also provide services on behalf of our partners to ensure their customers are successful with our solutions.



provides Product Configuration software that simplifies the engineering, manufacturing and sale of complex products and services with proven quick-to-market solutions. To-order manufacturers can guide their employees, partners and customers through needs analysis, configuration, BOM & routing generation, pricing, quotation and order fulfillment processes, improving order accuracy, shortening sales cycles and accelerating revenue growth. Supports integration to leading PDM/PLM/CAD/ERP systems.

John Stark Associates


John Stark Associates (JSA) advises companies on all aspects of PLM, helping them to achieve their business goals. JSA helps companies develop PLM visions, strategies and plans. JSA helps companies plan and implement PLM projects. JSA presents PLM workshops and seminars to increase knowledge and understanding of PLM.

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