Whitestein Technologies AG

As the complexities of products and engineering organizations are constantly rising, the approach of simplifying and standardizing processes and managing them with first-generation workflow automation tools has reached its limits. Directly specifying all possible process configurations and reconfigurations is not only slow and costly, but often impossible. The consequences are ill-fitting processes and soaring process development and improvement costs. A PLM or ECM solution with the Living Systems Process Suite delivers more agility in two key areas: process design and process execution. A goal-oriented process model can be changed whenever it becomes necessary, for instance to adapt to new regulations. Goal-oriented process execution also means that the process management system autonomously adapts the process path whenever it benefits the achievement of process goals.

Coastal Logic


Coastal Logic produces software solutions for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) organizations. It is a leading developer of batch printing and PDF rendering integrations for Dassault Systems Enovia MatrixOne. The Company serves a variety of industries including aerospace, financial, and medical manufacturing. A significant percentage of Coastal Logic's customers are Fortune 500 companies. These organizations rely on Coastal Logic software to increase efficiency, ensure regulatory compliance and accelerate profit.

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