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CIMPA PLM Services


CIMPA’s core capability is Product Lifecycle Management consulting, support and training. We have an in-depth experience of design, manufacture (including digital manufacturing and manufacturing execution systems) and in life support. We deliver this to companies that design and manufacture complex products in our core industry groups (Aerospace, Defence, Automotive, Transportation and Energy). We have partnership agreements with the main PLM vendors (PTC, Dassault Systemes and Siemens) that enable us to understand and articulate PLM implementation, process change and improvements.



Afilias Global Registry Services is a leader in advanced registry services that power successful domains. Afilias began operations in July 2001 with the launch of the top-level domain registry for .INFO– the most successful of the seven new top-level domains. Today, Afilias supports a more diverse base of TLDs than any other registry services provider and is the most experienced provider. Afilias Discovery Services (ADS) provides secure and selective visibility for supply chains. ADS solves a key challenge for supply chain collaboration, where a breakdown in the communication of business critical data between supply chain partners can slow down business processes and drive up the cost of doing business. ADS provides standards-based traceability for a product’s life cycle. ADS provides a database repository to store key events, and it provides referral sources for detailed look-ups to other partners’ business applications.

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