Whitestein Technologies AG

As the complexities of products and engineering organizations are constantly rising, the approach of simplifying and standardizing processes and managing them with first-generation workflow automation tools has reached its limits. Directly specifying all possible process configurations and reconfigurations is not only slow and costly, but often impossible. The consequences are ill-fitting processes and soaring process development and improvement costs. A PLM or ECM solution with the Living Systems Process Suite delivers more agility in two key areas: process design and process execution. A goal-oriented process model can be changed whenever it becomes necessary, for instance to adapt to new regulations. Goal-oriented process execution also means that the process management system autonomously adapts the process path whenever it benefits the achievement of process goals.

InsidePLM GmbH


We help EMEA industrial companies to define improvement goals, analyse operational challenges and information needs with the aim to optimise product lifecycle functions enabled by cost effective PLM capabilities. Whether you start with PLM or have a mature implementation, our proven solution architecture design methodology assures that your PLM strategy is business focessed and continues to deliver the best results with the lowest effort, risk and optimum benefit to your business. Visit us at www.insideplm.com or http://insideplm.wordpress.com/

Ingenuus Software Inc.


Ingenuus provides robust and configurable software along with services and education that empower you to manage and optimize your business processes. Beyond BPM you can also manage documents and bills of materials.

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