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Key to Success - Effective Process Management

From the Operational Improvement Consulting Alliance…

Any company’s ability to operate effectively is a direct result of good processes and rules. But, today an additional element must be thrown into this mix. That is the ability to absorb and adjust to change quickly. 
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Winning Strategy for BPM

When writing this blog, I select a single topic and only address that topic. This can make managing business processes appear simple, that is not my intent. My real objective is to encourage companies to manage their high value processes. It is well worth the effort…

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BPM and the Customer

From a Seth Godin Blog…

What is a customer worth?

If you ran a business where a customer represented and additional $2,000 in profit, how would you staff? How long would you make someone wait? If staff costs $25 an hour, how long would that extra person take to pay off?

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Corporation level PLM problems and some solutions as well

Large corporations are all but homogenous what comes to their ways to operate, processes and culture. Companies have evolved through organic growth, business acquisitions, strategic investments and expansion to new markets. In practice this means that a corporation usually consists of number of business areas, geographical areas (or sites) and product areas.

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Trust and Security - Relevant or Not?

At an invitation-only event, a priest and a prominent lawyer are discussing the importance of trust and security. The priest indicates that trust is a fundamental building stone in our society. He has heard confessions of thousands of people and, to this day, he is proud that he has never broken that trust, although there were many that caused him moral dilemmas.

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Making BPM Work for You

From Don Morris at the OIC Alliance…

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BPM: Something for Everyone

More from BPM Basics for Dummies…
The value propositions of BPM are extensive. All corners of the enterprise can reap benefits from BPM. Here are just a few:
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"I like to keep myself to myself"

Our privacy is very important to most of us, even to the most high-profile celebrities. Social networking on the Internet has greatly magnified the risk of people unwittingly disclosing personal details on an unparalleled scale. The opportunity for misuse of personal information has therefore also greatly increased.
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Business Drivers of BPM

From BPM for Dummies...

The pressures on organizations and enterprises around the world are increasing.  Markets are crowded; margins are squeezed. New challenges pop up seemingly overnight on all fronts.  Believe it or not, BPM can help you improve your offerings in all of the following categories:
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BPM is Going Mainstream

From CIO2CIO...

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