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BPM Process Intelligence

Successful organizations share a sense of purpose and priority.  They define the key indicators of performance at every level, and manage the processes that drive performance.

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BPM Project or Program

Project or Program?

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BPM Project Risks

At a recent Gartner Business Process Management Summit, panelists offered some reasons that BPM projects fail...

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People in the Process

In a recent blog, Terry Schurter wrote about people in the process. He spoke of one person in a process that had a powerful impact on that business process. That person was a self proclaimed ‘corrector’ – they corrected anything that was not done right within the process.

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BPM Successes

From an AIIM Industry Watch report…

BPM has an excellent track record of investment return largely achieved by changing and re-shaping business processes for higher performance.

Here are some of their key findings:

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Your BPM Project

From Terry Schurter -…

Terry wrote ‘A Brief History of BPM’ – you can read his entire blog at .

I want to share his ‘lessons learned’.

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Building a Case for BPM

From a article…

Building a case for BPM

First, you need to analyze the opportunities within your particular organization to determine if BPM will help or just add to the confusion and legacy burden. Remember, BPM is an approach to solving these problems and will likely outlive a particular vendor's platform in your organization.

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Implementing BPM

From a article…

What is involved in implementing BPM?

Similar to other software implementations, BPM requires both business and technical resources and activities. Effective BPM is based on an ongoing iterative design/develop/deliver process improvement lifecycle.

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BPM Provides the Solution

Found in a Ziff Davis BPM Kit…

If your organization has any of the following issues, BPM software provides the solution.

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BPM Creates Value

More and more organizational leaders are realizing that business process management [BPM] creates a significant competitive advantage. According to Gartner, BPM is one of the fasted growing segments in software, and is predicted to remain so during the next 5 years. 

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