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Mashup or emigrate

 I like to observe the ongoing - and upcoming - convergence of technologies and how the most remote ideas, applications and gadgets can find each other in this weirdly exciting world of "mashups". It seems that the not-so-old wisdom of "automate or emigrate" is turned to "mashup or emigrate".

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Survival: Taking PLM beyond technology

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change"(Charles Darwin)

Before addressing this year's PLM scene we should take a step back, and consider a broader view. Not just the PLM scene but the state of the manufacturing base at the core of our suffering economy.
The shift to low-cost producing countries fuelled the need for better collaborative design and manufacturing tools.
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Lost in Technology

"Hey Mr. Customer, do we have a technology for you?"

Why is it that technology companies are so keen on their own technology that they seem to forget what it was the customer really needed?

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Economic meltdown. A time to reconsider.

Time to tighten our belts, yet again

Jimmy Briggs explained 35 years ago that during the war, the government had told him to tighten his belt and after that he never stopped tightening. Ever since, enterprises have become meaner and leaner and still leaner. Lean manufacturing has taken on a whole new meaning. (No pun intended).

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