PLM vision 2016 and beyond

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PLM in general is in a very interesting phase. The concept itself is much widely and deeply understood on a global scale. Its potential in business development is shared and recognized by the business management far better than 3-5 years ago. Manufacturing business PLM in most western economies has reached a mature phase in its evolution, some may call it PLM1.0. Most of large, multinational, frontline manufacturing (incl. also electronics manufacturing, pharmaceutical etc.) corporations have structured PLM processes and a supporting PLM IT-system implemented - at least to certain parts of the organization.

In five years, by 2016 PLM will evolve significantly and break through to new domains with in a corporation, such as to executive decision making, innovation and customer involvement, full lifecycle support, not only product definition lifecycle. By 2016 PLM also will increase its footprint in the service industry and break to new domains; SME field, utilities, construction, fashion and footwear businesses and to process, food and consumer packaged goods businesses.
If you find these issues interesting, I have discussed them in a vision paper - PLM vision 2016 and beyond. In this paper (21 pages) I present my vision on what PLM could be in 2016. The paper is anoutlook estimation, not a scientific study. The contents is based on my 15 year PDM/PLM experience, 40+ PLM related projects and assignments for 30+ customer companies producing products (services) of different type. Academic collaboration, numerous seminars and events, discussions and contacts with PLM experts all over the globe have also influenced the contents. Both recent academic and commercial research support my views.
The PLM vision 2016
       My professional opinion and vision on:
1.     what will be the course of development during next 5 years
2.     what should be done in companies in order to reach success/be successful
3.     how PLM concepts & systems should evolve
The paper is available in electronic (.pdf) format in print when requested.
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Contents of the paper:
Introduction and Executive summary
PLM today (2010)
Most significant PLM GAP’s today
PLM in 2016
PLM system usage and functionality development
PLM implementation approach in 2016
Industry specific development
Service sector
SME PLM challenges
SME’s in 2016
Industries looking into PLM
Utilities sector
Construction industry
Clothing, footwear and apparel industry
Food, process and consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry
Geographical expansion