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On a lighter note...

In a meeting today, someone shared some business advice. They said there were 4 steps to success – I will share them.
  1. Do lots of Stuff
  2. Stop doing the Stuff that doesn’t work
  3. Do more of the Stuff that does work
  4. Do more Stuff
My Thoughts…
We all laughed at this, but…
Let’s apply this to your business processes.  
When I look to improve a business process, I go through these 5 steps.
  1. Document the existing process
  2. Confirm that it is documented properly [do a walk through]
  3. Measure the current process
  4. Make improvements to that process
  5. Measure the results - repeat
During this analysis, you will identify the Stuff that you are doing. 
To improve that process you will stop doing the Stuff that doesn’t work.  You will eliminate non-value added tasks and you could outright eliminate some activities. 
To improve that process you will do more of the Stuff that does work like automating some activities and redesigning some activities.
All resulting in decreased costs and improve productivity. 
You could build a sustainable competitive advantage by increasing productivity and finding ways to deliver new value to your customers…

Your Thoughts…
Is your company still doing Stuff that doesn’t work?
Process Management – Keeping it Real!