A Core Competency - BPM

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From a Gartner Article…
Easily identifiable business process management defects "will topple" ten global 2000 companies by 2014, according to analyst house Gartner.
Gartner said the standard of business process management will increasingly help separate firms that perform well operationally and those that don't.
"Between now and year-end 2014 an intensifying focus on process-related skills, competencies and competitive differentiators will increasingly separate process excellence leaders from the laggards among the Global 2000," said the analyst.
Gartner analyst John Dixon said, “A key theme in our BPM predictions is the rising focus on making business process improvement (BPI) a core competency of the organization, and on the capabilities and tools required to gain that competency.” 
My Thoughts…
It is nice to know that I am not alone in my ‘rant’ that BPM can be a core competency that will make a difference to your bottom line. Understanding your core competency and making it work for you can really make a difference.
Let me cite Wal-Mart as an example.  Their core competency is ‘logistics’.  They know how to buy train cars full of product and move it to the locations where it is needed.  They can even intercept a shipment in progress to reroute it where a shortage has occurred.  
If you doubt that logistics is their core competency - a few years ago Amazon attempted to hire one of Wal-Mart’s executives.  Wal-Mart sued. They declared their logistics strategy as a trade secret and sued to make sure that this employee didn’t reveal any Wal-Mart secrets. They understand the value of their core competency.
Everyone wants to run their company effectively and efficiently.  If you can make your ‘mission critical process’ more efficient and more effective, then you can expect lower costs, increased revenues, and improved customer relationships. Make BPM your core competency.
Your Thoughts…
What is your core competency?