BPM Implementation Issues

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From an AIIM Survey…

In their survey, they asked - What were the 4 biggest managerial issues you experienced during the implementation of BPM? They are listed in the order of responses.
-     User resistance to change
-      Lack of understanding of what BPM is
-      Underestimated time to map and agree on processes
-      Extending ownership across departmental boundaries
-      No single, identifiable process owner
-      Securing cooperation from LOB owners
-      Lack of process understanding within IT
-      Un-met or poorly defined user requirements
-      Lack of support from the project sponsor
My Thoughts…
I share this list because these are important issues that can be planned for.
It should be no surprise that resistance to change is at the top of the list. As my last blog pointed out, this project needs a champion. A champion can guide the users through change.
Over the years, pundits have been trying to define BPM. Still there is a lack of understanding. A champion performs an internal sales function and education is a key part of that. Once you have identified a BPM implementation team, they need to understand what the company will look like when it is managing its business processes effectively. They also need to understand what it will take to move from the status quo to that future vision. They need to understand their role [responsibilities] in moving the company forward. An effective champion can easily guide the team through the process.
Why go through the time and effort?
Managing your Business Processes should lower costs, lead to increased revenues, and improve customer relationships. It can differentiate you from your competitors. It can be the key that allows your company to break out as the market leader. 
Your Thoughts…
What steps has your company taken to be a market leader?