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John Stark Associates                                                                                                                              April 24, 2017 - Vol18 #26

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PLM - Making It Pay [4]: Talking Finance
by Roger Tempest
Now that you know how to do the maths to show the huge amounts of money to be gained from implementing PLM (2PLM April 10) you will want some help from your Finance Department colleagues to show how the figures will improve the real company accounts.

Since the dawn of PLM, PLM Managers have wanted their Finance Director to learn about PLM - because as soon as he understands it, the FD will naturally want to endorse all of the important PLM improvements that the company needs.

But how many PLM Managers understand the work of the Finance Director? How does the FD see the world, and how can PLM really impact upon it?

If the PLM Team's aim is to establish the financial benefits of PLM, will a particular improvement appear in the Profit & Loss Account or the Balance Sheet? Do the company accounts break down in a way that will make the improvement visible, or will the accountants have to do extensive manual calculations to monitor it? 


To get the help of the accountants, you have to be able to talk their language. If you find accountancy a "grey area", the Accountancy Overview for PLM Managers explains clearly and simply how even the most complex corporate accounts are generated, in a way that the layman can easily understand.  With a minumum of effort, PLM Managers can learn enough to debate with their Finance Department colleagues on equal terms.

When you can talk to them on this level, and involve them in the process of quantifying the financial effects of the PLM benefits, they take on ownership of the figures and are motivated to support them.  For the first time, your Finance Department colleagues will no longer be "obstacles to be persuaded", but will be on board and fighting your case.

Which is what PLM Managers have wanted since the dawn of PLM.

Roger Tempest is co-founder of the PLMIG. Comments are welcome via makingplmpay@plmig.com, and this 4-part series is summarised on the PLMIG web site.

PLM Citations  
According to Google Scholar, as of April 21, 2017 Product Lifecycle Management: Paradigm for 21st Century Product Realisation, the most popular PLM publication, had been cited 806 times in journal articles, technical reports, books and theses.

Volume 2, Product Lifecycle Management: The Devil is in the Details, had been cited 17 times.

Citing publications referenced since the previous issue of 2PLM include:
  • H. Mahmoud (University of Bath, England); Resource-Independent Computer Aided Inspection Details
  • C. Ewe (Otto von Guericke University, Magdeburg, Germany); Monitoring of Life Cycle Data to Determine the Environmental Impact of Information and Communication Technology Products Details


"Basics of PLM" Online PLM Course
by John Stark
The PLM Institute announced the May 2017 launch of its Online PLM Certificate Course, "Basics of PLM" (details).

This is the first module in the PLM Institute's online modular training program. The eight parts of the "Basics of PLM" course run on a weekly basis, allowing students to complete the course in about 2 months. The total student involvement for the course is about 35 hours.

"Basics of PLM" gives a general introduction to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) from a multidisciplinary business perspective.

It covers all the main components of PLM, and will help those working with PLM in a company to understand the basics of PLM and why it's so important. Its objective is to allow them to participate more fully in a company's PLM Initiative and other PLM activities.

The Course Fee for this launch edition of the online "Basics of PLM" course is USD 800 (or Euro 800). An Early Bird Fee of USD 500 (or Euro 500) is granted for applications before April 28, 2017.


PLM & Process Management
by Scott Cleveland
I see a company as a collection of processes.

These processes can be as simple as generating a purchase request or as complicated as an engineering change request and everywhere in between.

Purchase Request Process
An employee may have a need for an item that doesn't exist within his company. They fill out a purchase request. Each company has their own process for how these move through their company.

Likely, it will need approval from the employee's manager. From there, it should need the approval for someone in purchasing [or finance].

Once approved, purchasing will generate a purchase order that will be sent to a previously approved supplier. When the item arrives, it will need to be checked against the purchase order.

It will then be routed to the requestor.

If purchase requests are not tracked, a company could waste money or spend money they don't have. Over time, errors like this can break a company.

Engineering Change Request Process
Managing engineering change requests is the most complex [expensive] process that exists within a manufacturing company. Again, each company has their own process for how these move through their company.

It often looks like this - an engineer will fill out the change request form and attach all related information. The change request will be assigned a number for tracking purposes. Typically, a manager will review this change request and either approve it or reject it. It will then be routed through other steps. 

Many departments should provide input to the request. Examples include:
  • Engineering needs to determine if the change is necessary and if that is the change that should be made.
  • Marketing needs to determine if this will help or hurt sales.
  • Finance needs to determine if there needs to be a price change so that the item is still profitable. They need to look at their inventory needs - do items need to be scrapped; can items be retrofitted; does inventory need to be ordered; etc.
  • Manufacturing needs to determine if the item is still manufacturable.

Here are some reasons to manage your change requests with PLM software:

  • Studies have shown that it costs about $1,800 per ECO just to manage a paper based change request.
  • Paper based change requests average more than 45 days to complete.
  • Locating the status of a change request is often cumbersome.
  • It is critical to get the right information to the right person at the right time.

Today's PLM software has the necessary functionality to easily manage these processes and any others you might have. It will save you money while making your company more efficient.

Contact me if you would like some help.... 


Scott Cleveland can be contacted on +1 408-464-6387


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PLM News

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PTC reported financial results for the second quarter ended April 1, 2017. Q2 FY'17 GAAP revenue was $280 million. Details 


Centric Software, Inc announced that Acne Studios selected Centric Software to provide its product lifecycle management (PLM) solution. Details

CONTACT Software announced that Weidmüller is to use CIM DATABASE PLM throughout all phases of the product lifecycle. Details

C3D Labs announced that EE Boost Inc. chose C3D Labs' line of products. Details

Intergraph announced that Vepica USA selected Intergraph software solutions. Details 


EDEM announced 'EDEM for ANSYS'. Details

IMSI Design announced TurboCAD Expert 2017. Details

InnovMetric Software Inc. announced PolyWorks 2017. Details

International TechneGroup Incorporated (ITI) announced Service Pack 1 for CADfix 11. Details

Kisters announced version 2017 of its 3DViewStation Desktop. Details

Lectra announced VectorFootwear. Details

Zuken announced Harness Builder 2017 for E3.series. Details



EOS announced a partnership with the University of Wolverhampton and SRH Hochschule Berlin. Details

Missler Software and Audros Technology announced a partnership. Details



ANSYS announced that manufacturers have relied on ANSYS for over 100 qualified aerospace applications. Details

Arena Solutions announced that it has been named a winner in the 2016-2017 Cloud Awards Program for Best Project Management Cloud Service category. Details

CONTACT Software announced Elements for IoT. Details

EOS announced that Premium AEROTEC, EOS and Daimler prepare the next generation of industrial 3D printing. Details

Missler Software announced funding for the C-FAST project. Details

PTC announced that, effective January 1, 2018, new software licenses for its core solutions will be available only by subscription in the Americas and Western Europe. Details

Siemens announced that additive manufacturing technology from Materialise has been integrated into NX software. Details

Sopheon announced that CEO Andy Michuda was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year in the UK Stock Market Awards. Details

Theorem Solutions announced that Publish 3D CATIA V5-3D PDF V19.4 supports R26. Details

TraceParts announced more than 1 million visits to the TraceParts platform in March 2017. Details



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